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Undeserved trophies make kids entitled

Emily Radke, Staff Writer

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As a kid, how many trophies did you receive? Chances are, if you are like most kids, you got a lot of trophies. Children now-days all over the country are receiving trophies and awards for doing nothing but showing up. This is wrong, because you should only get awarded for winning or hard work. Too many trophies can make them entitled, and they are not learning how to lose.

Anyone who has every played a sport knows that it takes hard work and effort to win, and, despite what people say, winning is the point. When kids get trophies just for showing up, it can lead to them feeling entitled. “Absolutely, I think kids are more entitled now than in previous generations. We live in  very ‘me first’ society, kids are exposed to more things like social media that they were not before,” said Coach Tony Radke. Radke is a fifteen-year ice hockey coach who works with ages from eight to eighteen. He works with kids multiple times a week. Too many trophies are a direct correlation to the entitled era we are creating.

One of the problems when a kid gets trophy for everything, is they do not learn how to lose gracefully. Many kids cry — or even have tantrums — when they lose.  Obviously, in life, you do not win every game, and learning how to lose is an important part of sportsmanship. “While everyone gets a trophy, no one learns what it means to not get a trophy,” explains Radke. Kids should know it is alright to lose every so often.

However, many parents and coaches feel it is necessary to always give kids trophies to avoid hurt feelings. In life many times, you cannot win, so we are not preparing kids how to cope when they cannot win.  Losing is an important life skill, even though it is an unpleasant one, kids must learn it. They will get through it, and not lose all their self esteem.

Kids need to not receive so many trophies. As a nation, we should stop giving out trophies just for showing up. It is making them entitled and they aren’t learning how to lose. Losing is an important life lesson that their self esteem can handle. 

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Undeserved trophies make kids entitled