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"Police show up to save your life while also risking theirs"

Lauren Haggar, Staff Writer

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As a proud American it is truly saddening how our country has forgotten who the true, unsung heroes are, the police. We live in a nation where hating police has become a hobby, and something that much of the media glorifies. From Black Lives Matter, to the new Anti Fascist establishment, anti-police rhetoric is nothing new, but it  must come to an end.

When you dial 911, no matter what the situation is, police show up to protect you. They show up with no judgment in mind, it doesn’t matter what race you are, your age, income, social status; none of that plays into it. Police show up to save your life, while also risking theirs. But yet, instead of glorifying these selfless human beings, who risk it all for a stranger, the media and and hate groups make them out to be cold-blooded murderers.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are both hate groups who promote violence, and who mask themselves as peaceful activists groups. In reality, Black Lives Matter promotes the idea that police officers are racist and in the industry for the sake of arbitrarily killing African Americans.  What makes them such a threat to society is not only do they have thousands of misinformed followers, but they have the liberal media’s unwavering support.


Their followers are terribly misinformed. According to Roland Fryer, an African American Economics Professor at Harvard University, after studying more than 1,000 officer involved shootings, there was zero evidence of racial bias in police shootings. In actuality, according to the Washington Post, whites are more likely to be shot than African Americans, so the basis of their movement is invalid.

Even more importantly, what it comes down to is respect for authority. We live in a nation where when we don’t get what we want, instead of using our rights respectfully, we abuse them.  Turn on the news, you’ll see it; the riots where a car is on fire, or a Starbucks window is smashed, or even someone is getting  punched because of their views.

This is not peaceful protest, yet the media covers it as so. And in these very scenarios,, police stand courageously to protect the right to a peaceful protest. Now, when these protests turn violent (which they often do), and police are forced to act, the left often likes to bring out the term “police brutality.”

Police brutality is defined as “the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians.” Picture this; urine filled water bottles flying through the air- along with bricks, rocks, and other random projectiles, and above all, objects on fire being thrown at the police. In the most recent protest after President Trump’s Phoenix Rally, all of this happened, and, after having their lives endangered, the Phoenix PD took action. Pepper balls were thrown at protesters, and eventually they were tear gassed. Despite the police asking the protesters to exit the streets, these protesters insisted on not following law enforcement orders, and thus forcing cops to act. If they understood the simple concept of respect, this wouldn’t be a problem.

School Resource Officer Brad Penner suggests that people use the word “police brutality” because it is a buzz word, not understanding its true meaning. “In law enforcement, we have a continuum. It may vary between agencies, and even officers, but it is the ‘ask, tell, make rule.’ We are going to ask you to do something, we are going to tell you to do the same thing, then we are going to make you do the thing that you were asked to do. If we have lawful reason to tell you do something, then my suggestion is to do that, and we will never get to police brutality,” said Penner.

Police are not the brutal ones, the protestors are. Likewise how can one honestly say that police are the violent and disrespectful when Antifa members have been shown carrying signs that say “all my heroes kill cops,” and when a member of BLM Micah Xavier Johnson shot and killed five Dallas police officers out of sheer cold blood.

The opposition truly believes that police are brutal and  biased towards certain races. They often are the ones protesting, and who witness the events that make national television. Some of these groups have various points that are valid, but their whole message is lost due to violence. But, as any grounded person knows, there is corruption in every field. Of course there are bad cops, just as there are bad teachers, bad lawyers, and bad doctors. And, ultimately, we must remember that everyone is human, and cops make mistakes, too.

But we are all Americans, we stand under the same flag, and we live within the same borders. We all want the same things, the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. But this is only achievable when we learn to respect those in authority, and we learn to see those who risk everything for us as heroes, instead of enemies. This is a goal within reach, and luckily with a President who fully supports law enforcement, hopefully the mindset of our nation will soon change.


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