Student store provides real life work experiences for students


Benjamin Taylor, a junior, accepts cash from customer Austin Hwang, senior. The store accepts cash or credit cards. “It’s a really good experience to get an idea of what it’s like to operate an actual business,” said Taylor.

Chris Alexander, staff writer

The Student Store, run by students in CTE classes, has been serving Cactus Shadows for many years. The shop has given the opportunity for many students to learn about the workplace.
In addition to an assortment of food snacks, the store sells lanyards, hoodies, shirts, and other items.
“It allowed me to learn how to manage a retail job. It also let me learn how to get a real income and how to manage my money at a younger age,” said James Lewis, junior.
Marketing teacher Cynthia Bezard is in charge of the student store and also teaches finance, business, and marketing. Students in her classes have been running the store.
“The students who work in the student store have the opportunity to run their own business and they can use it on their resumes, so I think it has a great effect,” said Bezard.
The students who work there have the chance to earn some money and learn more about what it’s like to be in the workforce.
The work includes management of the money and items, and operating the cash register. The baseline of the job requirements give the workers an introduction to running a retail business.
“I think it’s fun because you get to meet a lot of different people or see people you do know, talk to a lot of people and overall just have fun,” said Aurora Nicolazzi, a sophomore in Marketing.
Because it is a student-run business, some areas are lacking in the latest technology.
“I think the student body would support us more if we offered Apple pay. I think we have a good base of customers, I just think we’re not meeting their specific needs, we’re going to work on that,” said Bezard.
The Student Store is open every day Monday through Friday during lunch.