Seniors become directors for one act plays


Bella Varela-Prendergast, a junior, rehearses with junior Jackson Rinkes for their upcoming one act “The Barbarians are Coming.”

Livia Lowe, science editor

One Acts are senior-directed single act plays that Drama Club puts on near the end of the year. It gives senior members an opportunity to take what they’ve learned through the years and turn it into an actual production.
“Since the directors are also students there is a better connection and more understanding between the directors and actors,” said Brooke Kilgore, a senior.
Seniors chose scripts that were approved back in December and the next step is auditions to pick out the cast. The senior directors then have full control over their script choosing set design, costumes, and lighting.
“Sometimes when you’re being directed you have your own ideas about what you think will happen, but when you’re directing you can try out the ideas for yourself,” said Kilgore.
One Acts are shorter than full length plays, instead of lasting more than an hour, most one acts are less than forty five minutes. They have a long history in the theater community as well as being credited as to starting theater. It is believed that the first one act was performed in ancient Greece by Euripides, an ancient playwright, about cyclops.
One Acts have pretty much always been a prominent part of Drama Club, acting as a tradition for ending the season as many senior members are able to experience directing instead of acting for the first time.
“It started because it’s pretty much a celebration for four years of work to take on the responsibility of being a director and it gives the seniors graduating one last opportunity to do something and it also showcases the younger talent,” said Andrew Cupo, drama teacher.
For some of the students, it will not be the first time they direct, but it will expand their experience.
“I think directing will be way different than acting because it will feel more like a project but I’m excited for it because I assistant directed the show that was over the summer and I really enjoyed it and I wish I did more of that for more shows,” said Lailie Eckman, a senior.
The themes of the plays cover many different genres like comedy to drama to horror, it is all dependent on the students tastes.
One Act performances are April 21 and 22 in the Fine Arts Center at 7 pm.