Russia continues attacks on Ukraine

Owen Taylor, staff writer

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the situation has changed daily. Putin’s war crimes continue to stack, with the bombings of children’s hospitals and other civilian facilities.
The Mariupol children’s hospital was one of the structures that was targeted and bombed by the Russian Federation.
“Sadly, I believe the bombing of civilian spaces will continue even leading into peace talks,” said Jacob Harris, a senior.
The Russians continue their attacks, despite agreeing to back off. On March 29, the Wall Street Journal reported that Russia has continued its deadly strikes across Ukraine despite saying they would focus on the Donbas region. Then, on March 30, despite pledging to halt shelling in Chernihiv, hours later, the city was being shelled.
In another story in the Wall Street Journal, Russia’s defense minister Sergei Shogu claimed that Moscow wanted to “increase mutual trust.” He also added during the the talks in Istanbul that the Kremlin would “radically reduce military activity in the direction of Khiv and Chernhiv.”
“The majority of Russian exports is fuel, whether it’s natural gas or oil, it’s fuel,” said Kenneth Zarda, a history teacher. “The question is, how much will Western Europe be able to lean itself away from Russian hydrocarbons?”
Ukranian President Zelensky has petitioned for a no-fly zone to stop Russian bombardments and restrict airspace. NATO still refuses to implement this no-fly zone even after being lashed at by Zelensky.
Putin warned that any action from another country to combat Russian aircraft would be met with an immediate military response.
As of April 1st, Russian officials said Ukrainian attack helicopters executed a low flying strike on Russian territory. The Wall Street journal reported on security footage of several missiles being fired at a depot and that sent off many explosions.
This attack comes after peace talks were in the process of being scheduled.
¨I think that the peace talks will not end anything right away and the process will take time,¨ said Kal Goff, a senior.
Putin did take a couple of wins over the weekend as Hungary and Serbia, both who are pro-Russian parties, won legislation electives in their country’s. This shows that Putin has some allies in the west.