Math club celebrates Pi Day by selling pies

Tradition began years ago, and usually includes the option to throw a pie at a teacher


Cooper Lake

Ryan Toughill, a senior, joins with other students lining up to purchase pies on Pi Day. Unfortuantely, no cream pies were made for the pie throwing event.

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor

Math Club meets every Wednesday at lunch in room 906 to work on their math skills.
“The club restarted last year, after having not really existed for a couple years,” said Ryan Toughill, President of Math Club.
There are roughly ten members in the club consisting of all different grade levels. There are no formal requirements to join, other than having an interest in mathematics.
The club was created by math teacher Hoveeg Boyadjian during his high school career. Returning to his roots, Boyadjian is now the Math Club advisor.
“My favorite part of advising is seeing it grow. When I was a student here I started Math Club from the ground up. So to see it’s still here and back in my hands now is quite a surreal moment,” saidB oyadjianr.
A typical meeting consists of coming up with new agenda tasks, preparing for competitions, and can end with a puzzle. During competitions, members of the club compete by solving math problems.
To celebrate Pi Day, the club hosted an activity in the quad at lunch on March 14. Students paid money to pie their teacher of choice in the face. This has been a tradition here on campus for many years, and is a good time for both students and teachers.
This year’s celebration of Pi Day took an unexpected turn, as there were no “throwing pies” to pie teachers in the face.
“Some years we’ll have competitions to see who can remember the most digits of Pi,” said Boyadjian.
Being a club member comes with multiple benefits. It gives the opportunity to meet new people, an invite to the Math Honors Society if good grades are maintained throughout the school year, and an expanded knowledge of math.
“My favorite part [of Math Club] is meeting new people,” said Tariq Hawari, Vice President of the club
Math Club continues to work towards improving their math skills, preparing for competitions, and having fun with activities such as puzzles, and celebrating Pi Day.