Saturday School designed to stop undesired behaviors

Sarah Love, trending now editor

Cactus Shadows has increased enforcement of many of its rules such as the student dress code and making sure students wear their ID, this has resulted in more unhappy students and an increase in students being given Saturday school.
Students who break the rules attend Saturday schools on the weekends as a disciplinary action.
“I believe that Saturday school deters the behavior of the students, helping them to learn for next time, especially if you get into trouble with your parents,” said Christy Pine, assistant to the Dean.
Saturday school is a type of disciplinary action assigned to students who broke rules.. Students who have received a Saturday school reminder are expected to be in front of the main office by 7:55 in the morning, and remain at school until dismissal at 11 am. If a student is late, absent, or leaves early, they will get one day of in-school suspension on their first day back to school following the scheduled Saturday school.
“I think Saturday school is not efficient, it takes away the only time kids have off to relax and regroup for the week ahead, I definitely do not think it works in any way,” said Aiden Vance, a senior.
An article in Forbes magazine found that detention is not an effective method of discipline. “Instead of changing behavior, these established punishments create resentment and damage the relationship between student and teacher, the study found.”
While some educators believe that Saturday school efficiently works to help students learn from their mistakes and behave in school, several students disagree. With the lack of resources, lunch detention has been taken away permanently leaving students with the punishment of Saturday School, a long three hours sitting in a quiet room with only the work brought by the students. Students are expected to be self-sufficient, and quiet, while working on their school work.
“I don’t think the students attending Saturday school are really getting anything out of it, and I dont think a Saturday school will stop them from doing what they were to receive that punishment,” said Zane Kloss, a sophmore.
The Forbes article goes on to say that schools should spend more time looking at why they use punishments like Saturday School, and what message it sends to students. More importantly, they should look at whether or not it really makes a difference in changing student behavior or not.