A new club for fashionistas


Gianna Lazzaro

Sara benÉT, a college representitive from FIDM talks to the club about how they can get scholarship money to persue their passion in fashion.

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor

New club on campus; Fashion Club, meets every Friday at lunch to discuss all things fashions related.
“I think we have about 30 members,” said Brooklyn Wilcox, Fashion Club president.
The club is led by advisor Molly Gum, president Brooklyn Wilcox, and co-president Tilda Hanlon. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), has sponsored the club at Cactus Shadows as well as provided opportunities for students across the country to involve themselves in the Fashion Clubs that they have. FIDM holds fashion related events such as workshops and competitions.
The club is geared towards students who want to pursue fashion as a career in the future, or students who simply enjoy fashion as a hobby.
Nurturing Creativity
A typical meeting consists of activities relating to fashion, like creating posters, shirts, as well as discussing fashion related topics. The club is mainly student-run.
“There’s different things people can do like going thrifting for things and then working within the club but it’s not a necessity,” said Tilda Hanlon, co-president of Fashion Club.
Scholarship Opportunity
Friday February 11, a FIDM member visited the club to discuss scholarship opportunities to students that are interested in attending the school next year.
“Fashion club is a great opportunity for students to explore their creativity and collaborate on exciting projects. I’m looking forward to seeing all they accomplish,” said Molly Gum, advisor of Fashion Club.
FIDM offers a $5000 scholarship to club members, and $10,000 scholarship to club presidents.
To begin the club, Wilcox and Handlon proposed the idea with Tandehl Collentine, the resources and athletic director, and Gum agreed to become the advisor.
“I want to major in fashion design so fashion is important to me, and is just a way for me to be able to express myself,” said Wilcox.
Spreading the Word
To promote the club, they created social media accounts and are in the process of creating an account on Depop, an app where people can buy and sell second hand clothing.
“I’ve been able to meet a lot of people from different grades and just cool individuals,” said Hanlon.
The overall goal of the Fashion Club is to provide fashion driven students with opportunities to continue their education in all things fashion related.