Student Council holds first winter semi-formal in 12 years


Gianna Lazzaro

PARTY ROCKERS AT THE WINTER FORMAL. Noah Herzog, a junior busts a move on the dancefloor held in the cafeteria.

Owen Taylor, sports editor

The Winter Formal was put on by the Student Council on January 22. This was the first Winter Formal that has been out on in 12 years of the school’s history.
Student Council was behind the planning and designing of the dance, and had made the decision to bring back the dance from retirement.
“The truth on why we are having a winter formal, well student demand really, the students have been asking for a Winter Formal for the past 3 years or so,” said Alisson Zilka.
The dance completely sold out tickets. The main dance area was held in the cafeteria and was decorated to fit a cool winter wonderland theme.
“We are setting it up in the cafeteria, but it wont ‘look’ like the cafeteria. A lot of people are worried about the dance being in the cafeteria, we are going to clean it all out and get rid of the tables and we will have the garage doors open along with snacks and drinks out on the patio,” said Lucy Raleigh, a senior.
The dance was set up with a main performance area up front put on by a DJ. The music and song choices were modern, creating a casual atmosphere.
“I liked the setup in the cafeteria with the stage and decorations, but I like the gym better for dances,” said Madi Tibbitts, a senior.
The dance lasted from 7-9 p.m. and was for all high school students. Since homecoming was not a formal dance, this gave the students an opportunity to dress up and maybe even land a date.
With the tickets selling out and the dance being a triumph for the school, this could be the start of a new annual dance.