License to dance

Student choreography show gives students the opportunity to express themselves creatively


Gianna Lazzaro

Dancing Machines. Students perform in the choreography show at the Fine Arts Center. All of the dances were created by the students themselves.

Livia Lowe, Science Editor

Students in the dance program performed in the student choreography show, “Dancers Among Us,” that ran for two nights from January 27th to the 28th at 7 p.m. in the Fine Arts Center.
This show was student choreographed, meaning students chose their own movements and put together a dance.
“We hold a student choreography concert because it’s important for our dance students to have their creative voices heard and explored,” said Elissa Ericson, dance teacher.
All dance students were required to work with a group to create their own dances. Students who wanted to be in the show auditioned, and teachers Ericson and Haley Vago selected the dances which were included in the performance.
“The process of learning the dances for the student choreography show was definitely different than what we are used to because this time it was dancers making the choreo so it takes a lot of work and time,” said Maddie Swansiger, a senior.
They rehearsed for about four weeks before everything came together. Over 50 students participated in a total of 20 dances.
“It was a very creative performance. It’s cool to see these students perform dances they came up with themselves,” said Peyton Turnwald.
As well as choreographing the dances, dancers also picked their own music and costumes, letting them take full creative control.
Each performance has a concept behind the dance that the audience is supposed to interpret themselves. The music chosen spanned over decades and included genres from Doris Day to Soft Cell to Kanye West.
“The students get to explore concepts that are of interest to them while creating the choreography,” said Ericson.
The dances themselves ranged from more upbeat dances to dances with a little more meaning behind them. Members in each dance also varied, some had two people while others had five, so as many students got the opportunity as possible.
“My favorite thing about the dance shows is the sense of community it builds among the dancers, I love getting ready backstage with them,” said Swansiger.
It was not just the dancers who put on the show, a few members of the drama club helped more technically with lighting, sound and managing.
This was the second dance show of the year, the next and final show is at the end of the year. Every student in the dance program must participate in that show.