Teachers get grants from the Falcon Foundation delivered to their rooms

Cait Bunkers, sports editor

Falcon Foundation, along with district staff, delivered grants to teachers on November 1.
“I asked for alchohol-based markers… the ones the kids never get a chance to use, so giving the kids the experience to work with them, learn how to blend with them, and try new artistic skills using them,” said Dara Parsons, an art teacher.
The event, called Grant the District, was a culmination of the work of both the club and Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation to support teacher projects to improve their classrooms. Students traveled to every school, beginning at Cactus Shadows, to deliver the grants. Four Cactus Shadows teachers, including Andre Womack, Dara Parsons, Andrew Cupo, and Lori Hart received grants.
“I thought it was super cool to see all the different teacher projects… I’m really passionate about special education so I thought it was really cool that they donate the sensory room,” said Shea Nollette, a senior.
In order to receive grants, teachers must apply through CCUEF by identifying a project or need in their classroom, then filling out the application online at ccuef.org. The project must fall in one of the pillars emphasized by the Foundation, including technology, music and the arts, international learning, and health and wellness. Additionally, the requested award cannot be for more than $2,500, or $5,000 if another funding source will match the award.
Teachers are able to apply in spring of each year, then applications are reviewed before grants are awarded in the fall.
Money for the grants comes from fundraisers held by CCUEF and Falcon Foundation. Rock the District, a concert in which students in grades 6-12 audition for and perform in, raises most of the money for grants. Smaller fundraisers, such as the recent movie night at Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, also raise money for grants.
“We want to raise $25,000,” said Faith Ridler, a senior.
Grant the District occurs annually and benefits teacher projects around the district.