Advances in North Korea’s missile program surface

New developments in North Korea’s missile program have surfaced, yet its full capabilities remain unclear. A new model of nuclear missile has been developed with the ability to reach supersonic speeds

Hudson Ellis, staff writer

Around this time last year, North Korea released a “Hwasong” series ballistic missile into the pacific ocean. The Hwasong-15 missile is realistically able to hit anywhere in the entire continental United States with a range of around 8,077 miles and an altitude of 2,796 miles. This new ICBM, the Hwasong-16, is even larger; A two-stage missile with multiple warheads.
Additionally, in January of this year, North Korea began implementing a new missile that can be launched from a submarine into their arsenal of weapons. This missile was proclaimed “the world’s most powerful weapon.”
These recent nuclear developments allow for increased maneuverability and control from the people launching the missiles, giving them the ability to hit targets more accurately.
“I think it definitely depends on what this administration does. If they want to be more active in foreign affairs I think the threat they pose to our country is more limited,” said Xander Simmons, a sophomore.
Due to the secrecy and tight security of North Korea, the United States does not have all the details on North Korea’s nuclear program. Intel about these missiles are largely left to speculation.
These developments are part of a much larger arms race between North Korea and the United States. South Korea has responded to the northern threat by increasing its own arsenal, with a new submarine-launched missile, more aircraft carriers, and an American stealth F-35 jet plane.
“I think considering the gap between the ideological differences between [South Korea] and North Korea, I think there is a good chance North Korea can do some harm to South Korea and to the sphere of influence they have over the area,” Simmons said.
“At the current moment I am not fearful of them. In general, of course, they have nuclear missiles that we want to get rid of. They are not very fond of us because we have different political ideals,” said Kent Roberts, a sophomore.
However, relations between the United States and North Korea are tense. North Korea has been reluctant to commence any diplomatic meetings due to the United States’ perceived “hostile policies” toward the nation. The Biden administration has said there is “no urgency” in the denuclearization of North Korea.
“Not being able to get along with nuclear bombs is not the best option,” said Roberts. “The range of those nuclear missiles is definitely a concern.”