Joker’s Improv makes its mark with the first show of the school year


Livia Lowe, science editor

On September 17, the Cactus Shadows Improv troupe had its first show at the Fine Arts Center.
Improv is a form of comedic theater in which the script is made up on the spot. The actors will be given a character or prompt on the spot and will have to make up the scene based around these roles. These prompts are given by the audience which adds a level of engagement to the act.
“It harbors creativity and problem solving so the kids are usually really quick witted and punny so it’s fun to hang out at rehearsals and be creative,” said Andrew Cupo, supervisor of the improv club.
Improv at the school has undergone many changes since its conception. When it first started, instead of having one big team there several teams made up of four members. The previous drama teacher then picked four teams out of the whole to perform at the shows. This was not long lived, however; The next year, it was decided that there would be one team instead.
Members of improv love the family that being on the team creates. It is important for the members to figure out who they work well with for the games to go as smoothly as possible. Being on the team also requires an extreme love for being on stage and making others laugh.
“I like being on stage and I like making other people laugh, I always did it in class so I thought why not do it in front of 200 people,” said Adam Schwartz, a senior and an improv co-captain.
Before shows, it is important for the members to meet to discuss some of the plans for the games.
“About an hour before the show we fill out a form choosing games we want to play and then the captains put us into groups for games we’re gonna do,” said Lailie Eckman, a senior.
To join the improv team, it is a rigorous process. Members are being judged based on their on the spot creativity as well as being able to work well with the other members.
“Definitely try it’s super fun, come to the workshops.I also highly encourage people to take my theater course because we spend a whole eight weeks learning about improv and the basics,” said Cupo.
Last year because of COVID-19 restrictions, Improv had a couple shows in the lecture hall as well as livestreamed every show but this year they are going back to having all shows in the lecture hall. Improv shows happen once every other month totalling four throughout the year. Tickets are five dollars and the next show is in November, the date is to be determined.