CCUSD offers lunch and breakfast free for students

Recently, an email was sent out by the governing board informing that students will be receiving free lunches until December 18th because of COVID-19.
“About 40 percent of the school purchases lunch from the cafeteria,” said Shannon Quinn, the school nutritionist.
Some students eat school lunch due to the fact that it is the only food they could get during this time. The United States Department of Agriculture USDA decided to extend the time that specific lunches will be free so that the parents who are unable to work do not have to worry about providing school lunch.
“I mainly bring lunch to school, but I sometimes get school lunch, especially on Wednesdays because of the orange chicken,” said Kristian Kaffenberger, a junior.
Students have overall liked the options provided by the school. Among the 40 percent of students who purchase lunch, most of them are not as picky when it comes to their meals and enjoy what they have at lunch. Students seem to be using this opportunity to finally try the school meals that are being provided.
“I will probably try the food here because it’s free, and I don’t want to make my own lunch from home,” Courtney Zane, a freshman.
It has not been stated whether or not the USDA will extend the free lunches past their original set date. However, it has been decided that specific lunches, such as Chick-fil-a, are not included in the free lunch deal.