UBU project encourages positive change

Colin Mesenbrink, staff writer

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With the help of David Simmons, president and creative director of the UBU project, students in Film and TV are creating music videos.
“The goal was to help students at Cactus Shadows create four original songs and an original script as part of the school’s substance abuse prevention program,” said Simmons.
Simmons also worked with students last year. In partnership with the Cactus Shadows substance and abuse prevention program, he helped students write their own songs about the topic of substance abuse.
“My organization, The UBU Project, specializes in what is called social, emotional learning. Essentially, teaching prevention through arts integration. Specifically, music, movement and theater,” said Simmons.
From his experiences as a recovering alcoholic, Simmons set a goal to help students on an emotional and social level. He uses his talent and background in film and music to impact not only students’ filmwork, but their lives off campus as well. The film students have learned many new techniques in film this year with Simmons’ help.
“He’s brought a new energy to film and I really appreciate what he’s doing. I think the music videos are going to turn out very well and I am happy that we are able to work with him,” said David Jeffcoat, a junior Film student.
This is the first year students in Film and TV have had the opportunity to make music videos.
“I’ve never made a music video before, and it’s fun just to do these new types of things in film. My older brother is an audio mixer and that job could be a part of my life in the future,” said Sam Rojo, a junior.
The biggest challenge the project has faced is the lack of time, space, and money. However, the students who are passionate about film have made a lot happen over the past two years, regardless of these challenges. Simmons’ main goal is to have every student be heard, and has achieved that with the recent projects and music videos in film this school year.