Superintendent’s student cadre meets to discuss issues at the school

Kaitlyn Cross, online staff writer

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Every month after school, the Superintendent’s Student Cadre meets in the teacher’s lounge to discuss different topics and come up with many solutions to solve certain problems that go on in the school. 

Students submit problems anonymously and at every monthly meeting the advisors cross out the problems they’ve already solved. However some problems are not quickly solved, depending on how difficult they are.  

“It depends what the problem is, but I wanted to have a debate club and get more lunch tables. They said that it’s happening, so it actually does make a difference and a good change,” said Sophia Shaughnessy, a member of the group. 

Debbi Burdick, the superintendent of CCUSD, participates in discussions with these students. 

“I think it is very valuable for the Superintendent Cadre to hear student voices and discuss key issues at the high school together to share understanding and also brainstorm solutions,” said Burdick. 

The first problem the group solved was about not having enough tables at lunch. Students used to stand up while eating, but the school ordered more lunch tables immediately. 

“One of the first topics that we have chosen to talk about was more tables at lunch and they already have solved that problem,” said Maya Ochoa, a member of the group. 

Students who want to join have to fill out an application that asks why they are interested in joining and write down some items for the group to possibly discuss in a future meeting. 

“If you want to say something you’re going to say it. You can’t be shy about it, or else there’s no point of being in a club if you’re just going to sit there and listen and not get your opinion out,” said Shaughnessy.

Applications for the student cadre are available every year at Falcon Prep.