Littering issues leave security unhappy

Kaitlyn Cross, online staff writer

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An issue that has been occurring on campus is littering. Students specifically during lunch have been throwing trash on school grounds, even though there are multiple trash cans spread around for students to drop trash. 

Others in the school have been upset with this ongoing problem. Jackie Kelleher, one of the security guards that check for littering during lunch is extremely unhappy. 

“I’m very upset about it because I know when kids are at home and when they’re done with their food, they don’t throw their trash around the house,” said Kelleher. 

On a daily basis during lunch, trash is typically gathered near the trash cans, rather than inside them. Students often aim to throw something in the trash can. But usually when they miss, they don’t attempt to pick it up. 

“People shouldn’t be putting stuff on the ground that shouldn’t be there,” said Katherine Baker, a freshman.

The school has an overall count of about 24 trash cans that are around the campus. 

“I just wish these kids would just take pride in their school and throw their trash away. There’s like 24 trash cans around and if they have to take a few steps to throw it away, I think they should just do that,” said Kelleher.

Littering just by itself can lead to negative effects to the environment. 

According to, excessive amounts of littering can possibly cause a dangerous fire. Last year, California had many fire problems and littering (specifically cigarette litter) was one of the main causes of their wildfires. This proceeding issue causes millions of deaths of animals. One million seabirds and sea animals die each year due to human littering. In addition, litter cleaning alone every year in the U.S. costs $11.5 billion. Throwing trash around burns major holes in the country’s wallet. 

“I am upset about the issue because it ruins the environment,” said Kailin Silbert, a freshman.

Other students have been making an effort from students to stop littering. 

This school actually used to have an effective way to keep trash in trash cans. 

“Our lunch detention was always having kids take a garbage can and go around and throw trash out from the different tables. And now, they put it in the room in the lecture hall and I don’t think that’s really a punishment enough, said Kelleher.”

In the end, many students and staff are making attempts to get others to throw their trash away and to promote cleanliness at the school.