Consuming energy drinks may have negative effects on health

Sarah Love, online staff writer

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Energy drinks are the second biggest dietary supplement consumed predominantly by American teens and young adults next to multivitamins. They are promoted by many companies as a product that can enhance mental alertness, physical performance, and increase energy. 

“I drink energy drinks because they give me energy and help me to focus with school and sports,” said Katerina Wilson, a freshman.

According to energy drinks have also been associated with cardiac arrest, spontaneous coronary dissection, and myocardial infarction. This is backed up by studies which reveal increased platelet aggression and increased systolic blood pressure.

“I think energy drinks are probably pretty bad for you because they are full of chemicals and caffeine,” said Olivia Nachtweih, a freshman.

Many people looking for an alternative to traditional coffee turn to energy drinks to get their energy for the day.

According to Bang is the first of its kind claiming to enhance mental and physical capabilities. Bang contains creatine, BCAA’s, and CoQ10, supplements that help to reach your full capability. Bang has over 300mg of caffeine which is about equivalent to three cups of coffee. 

“Bangs are better than other energy drinks because they have more caffeine in them,” said Wilson. 

According to energy drinks work to stop estrogen, the chemical in your brain that helps you sleep. The dopamine levels in your brain rise which gives you the feeling of having the extra energy. The pituitary glands cause adrenaline levels to rise providing more energy in the form of glucose to release into the bloodstream.

“I guess energy drinks can be effective depending on the person and how they react to them,” said Nachtweih. 

Caffeine is a drug in the class of stimulants, that affects the central nervous system and causes feelings of alertness and higher energy. 

“I think they are extremely bad for because they increase your heart rate, also the ingredients individually are helpful but when mixed together they create a different chemical reaction in your body that can be negative or fatal, ” said Teresa LaSalle, a health teacher.

Studies change over time of young adults and teens in recovery. According to,  the effect of energy drinks physically and mentally are still unclear, but the short term side effects are known. Too much caffeine can have very bad side effects such as insomnia, migraines, and headaches.