Students fight for space in parking lots

Callahan Schwarz, staff writer

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Students are not able to get parking passes due to an influx of new juniors and seniors from other schools. Some students who have parking passes do not have the ability to park at the school.
“I have a parking pass but I do not have a car and that is the reason why I can not park here,” said Jacob Kozin, a junior.
Some students are parking in spots that they do not own. Students are even trying to park in the teachers’ lot.
“Sometimes, when a student is late, they will try to park in the back. But usually a teacher will see them and let us know that someone is parked there and most of the time they have a sticker so we can find out who they are,” said Jackie Kelleher, a security guard.
Certain conditions are being thought of that would incentivise students to participate in the community or maintain a grade standard if they do want a parking pass.
“I feel like it would be a good idea if athletes got priority with parking passes but basing the parking passes off of grades does not really seem fair. Like, you can’t really discriminate transportation based on how smart someone is because when it comes down to it, everybody needs a way to get home,” said Kozin.
Even though there is not enough space, many sophomores still want parking passes. Parking passes have always been available to seniors first, then juniors, and, if there were any spots left, they were offered to sophomores.
“I feel like sophomores should definitely be able to have parking passes but I understand that just is not possible with all the new students,” said Jack Britton, a sophmore.
Making sure students are parked where they are supposed to be is a daily task for the security at school. This year, the stickers are color coded which has helped to identify whether or not students are parked in their designated area.
“Well, I like the fact that we have a different sticker for each lot. That makes it easier to know what lot each car should be in. I like that Mr. Thompson did that this year and it seems to be working out really well,” said Kelleher.

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