ICE raids affecting local businesses

Mikki Warriner, staff writer

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Local businesses in Arizona are getting raided by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, and having their employees detained because of Trump’s new law going into effect. Trump has reversed the decline in arrests of unauthorized immigrants in the United States that had occurred during the last two years of the Obama administration.
Pinnacle Grille, is a local restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona that got raided by ICE in August. More than half of the restaurant’s kitchen staff were removed and detained, leaving them temporarily short-handed.
“We were closed for two weeks after we got raided,” said Aaric Hawk, a senior who works at Pinnacle Grille.
These raids are happening to many local businesses all over Arizona and they are affecting many people.
“The golf course my fiance works at hires a lot of immigrants, so everyone is becoming very suspicious and distrusting of each other, which is definitely affecting the workplace, or they are just disappearing and not coming to work,” said Paige Russell, an English teacher.
These coordinated deportation acts have been going on since 2006, but have been occurring more often in the past year. The new crack down on illegal immigrants is creating many opposing views.
“I think they are good for the system because legal immigrants’ tax money is just going to illegal immigrants, which I don’t think is right,” said Chris Swaney, a junior.
Arizona, being a boarder state, with mass media coverage, is left with a stigma of issues regarding illegal immigration.
“I think since we are so close to Mexico, people are really focusing on our state being full of illegal immigrants and having a bunch of illegal workers when that’s just not the case,” said Hawk.
When the parents of children get taken and arrested, the children get placed into juvenile holding centers, and if the parents’ rights are terminated, then children automatically become legal orphans. Trump has cancelled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is currently providing work authorization and temporary relief from deportation to approximately 690,000 unauthorized immigrants brought to the United States as children, according to the organization, Migration Policy.
“I wouldn’t want to be blamed for my parents’ mistakes and I wouldn’t want to have to face the effects of their mistakes,” said Russell.
ICE raids are cracking down on businesses and families all over the United States. Arizona is just one of the states experiencing them.

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