Administration changes policies in lieu of shooting

Rylee Yarra, Staff Writer

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After the tragic shooting in Florida, schools, including Cactus Shadows, have cracked down on students wearing their IDs visible from the waist up. Teachers must check IDs as every students walks into the classroom at the beginning of the period. Students are recommended to wear IDs on campus all the time and, if they don’t, they can get a referral. This is to ensure the safety of students and teachers are safe while on campus grounds.

“They may seem unfashionable, but they ensure our safety and for that, I am grateful,” said Michael Tracy, a junior.

These IDs have the name, picture, lunch number, and, for some students, their bus number on them. This information can also help them buy lunch and get books from the library.

Of course, students or strangers could still find a way to get on campus with a firearm to hurt someone, there is still the chance of danger no matter what is done. “Student and teacher IDs can’t fully prevent a shooting but it’s one step closer to safety on our campus,” said Aaron Pettinato, Dean.

Could there maybe be another way to protect our students that could be more effective and more liked nationwide? Possibly, there could be metal detectors, higher security, but, even then, there’s money  that needs to be thought about.

IDs are simple and cheap, so, for now, IDs are the best option until the next one arrives.

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