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World Language Department comes together for annual Mystery Night

Sara Windom, style editor

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Spanish speakers of all levels and abilities come together to crack a case during the annual Mystery Night.

“Mystery Night is basically a huge, life-sized version of the board game Clue, where you have to solve a mystery, but all the speaking is done in your foreign language, in this case Spanish,” said Alissa Hafezi, a junior and member of Spanish Honor Society.

For seven years the event has been put on by the World Language department, depending on the amount of interest students emanate. Varying every year, the largest group to ever partake had approximately 80 participants.

“I liked the idea behind it, the who-did-it, and I also thought that it was cool that we speak a different language while doing it,” said Kamryn Kadotani, a junior, who signed up to participate this year.

Two weeks before the night of the event, students are given the name of their assigned character.

“They’re kind of like the stereotypical students,” said Jocelyn Raught, a Spanish teacher, “there’s the cheerleader, there’s the drama queen, there’s the nerd, and there’s also lunch lady, or the janitor, or the chemistry teacher, the athlete, everything, student council.”

Students are not only required to show up to Mystery Night dressed as their assigned character, but also must act like them the entire time.

“Sometimes we have the athlete betting everybody that they can run faster than them and they’re outside running races, other times we’ve had the school photographer come around and take pictures of everything,” said Raught.

The night starts off with a pizza dinner, which turns criminal, as participants are given clues to  figure out the mystery, this year’s being ‘Who stole the SAT test?’

“After dinner, we give them a slight hint as to what their character is and what happened to them. And then, once they have their information, they have to go out and talk to each other and try to figure out everybody else’s clues,” said Raught.

Clues are dished out throughout the night until a student guesses the criminal correctly. Prizes are then handed out to certain participants.

“At the end we vote for who had the best costume, who stayed in the language the most, who stayed in character the best, and the person who’s actually the thief gets a prize because they can’t guess, and whoever guesses first and correctly wins,” said Raught.

Because it takes place outside of typical classroom hours, and there is no given dialogue minus a few clues, this gives an entirely new perspective to students like Hafezi.

It’s just a cool way to get together with classmates. It’s one thing to practice Spanish in a classroom setting, it’s another to use it in an actual conversation. Mystery Night would be an awesome way to practice your Spanish in a totally unique environment,” said Hafezi.

Once the case is cracked, all participants will receive a T-shirt as a way to commemorate the night.


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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School
World Language Department comes together for annual Mystery Night