The best tips for acing the final season

Miah Thirion, video editor

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Study in the same format as the exam. If the final is going to be in multiple choice questions, make a study guide in a multiple choice format. This will help recollect information quicker and better.

Teach classmates. Meeting with a study partner and teaching the information to each other helps to re-learn the concepts, helps with focus, and minimizes distraction.

Visualize the information. For visual learners, draw diagrams or pictures so that it is easier to remember information more accurately.

Wear comfortable clothes, but avoid studying in pyjamas. Wearing clothes instead of lounge wear has shown to make people feel more energized and motivated.

Create lists and plan studying time for each class daily. Planning out to study for short amounts of time each day per class will maximize focus and will help people avoid procrastination.

Plan something exciting and rewarding for the last day of finals. Having something to look forward to increases motivation on finishing finals and has shown to help people focus on the end goal.

Go to a library or coffee shop. Staying away from home and the distractions there has shown to help maximize productivity and focus on the task.

Meditate or spend some quiet time. Making sure to stay calm and well rested has shown to make students more successful. The calmer a person is, the more successful the person ends up being.

Listen to music while studying. Listening to music that is motivating keeps the student focused on the task.

Eat healthy for the week. Although drinking energy drinks and eating unhealthy snacks seems tempting, sticking to water, fruits and veggies, and foods high in Omega-3 will increase brain function.

Exercise during breaks. This keeps the brain awake, and will increase focus on the information and the task at hand.