Marie Kondo talks tidying and influencing people’s lives

Max Sotelo, video editor

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Japanese author and organizing consultant, Marie Kondo has gone viral with her new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, where she hopes to inspire joy in people through cleaning using her very own special method: the KonMari method.

“[The show] made me clean my closet and get it together because before, it was just a mess,” said Jillian Zimmerman, a sophomore.

In the Netflix original series, Kondo uses a unique method to teach people to help reorganize their homes. The KonMari method involves gathering all belongings in a room, and asking one simple question for each individual item— “does this spark joy?”

“I try to use that method that she uses, because I think it makes a lot of sense. Why keep things if it doesn’t bring you joy?” said Tina Zimmerman, mother of Jillian, and avid follower of the show.

Kondo’s show has not just affected people’s homes, but it has changed many people’s lives as well. On the show, she brings people to tears with how much the KonMari method helps them have a fresh start.

“Watching her ways of folding has made all my drawers really neat and clean,” said Riley Blackwell, a sophomore.

As many people get rid of things that don’t bring them joy, they turn to second-hand stores to donate their belongings to. The show’s impact is apparent in a spike in donations to thrift stores, with many Goodwill locations encouraging people to donate. While there is no definite way to tell that Kondo’s viral series is to blame for the influx in donations, it seems to be the only explanation.

“We gave like ten bags to Goodwill,” said Zimmerman.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has recently begun filming for their second season due to the massive social media success it has garnered. Kondo has gone on to be interviewed on The Today Show and Good Morning America, as well as an appearance at the Academy Awards.

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