Food for dancing

Scottsdale offers many tasty choices for pre-prom dining

Makenna French, staff writer

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Picking a place to eat before prom can be a challenge that many juniors and seniors face in preparing their dinner plans. Deciding whether to eat at a more expensive restaurant,  or remain a little on the cheap side. Fancy or casual. There are quite a few decisions to be made when picking a good place to eat.

“I feel like an expensive restaurant fits the occasion a lot better than a cheaper restaurant. It is a special once a year thing so you might as well go all out,” said Colleen Hodge, a senior.

According to Tripadvisor, some popular places that are often chosen for group dining or are more on the romantic side are Maestros, Maggianos, The Cheesecake Factory, and the Melting Pot, which are all on the expensive and fancier sides.

“Last year, my boyfriend and I went to Eddie V’s at the Scottsdale Quarter and it’s like a seafood/steakhouse and we both enjoyed it,” said Hodge.

Places like The Living Room, Grimaldi’s, and Oregano’s are more calm and casual, and not very expensive.

“Going to a cheaper restaurant is what I would prefer because prom can be very expensive with paying for the dress, hair, makeup, and a party bus/limo. Steakhouses are expensive but if you go someplace like Macaroni Grill then the price will be a little different,” said Madison Monoscalco, a senior.

Being cautious about what to eat is also important when it comes to picking a restaurant. Eating spicy foods will not settle well on the stomach. Messy foods can be risky, and include foods such as spaghetti and pizza. Carbonated drinks are something to stay away from as well. Staying hydrated is also important. There is a lot of dancing and jumping around at prom, so drinking lots of water will prevent dehydration and the risk of passing out due to overheating.

“Two places that I would recommend for prom dinners, one is more expensive but a really cool experience and that’s Fogo de Chão. It’s a Brazilian Steakhouse and if you are vegetarian then you have a great salad bar. I want to say it’s about $60 per person for dinner. Blanco Tacos and Tequila, it has awesome Mexican food but a cool vibe but I think kids would really like it,” said Danica Gianni, an English teacher.

Arizona has many different types of restaurants, expensive or not, which leaves students will a variety of choices for their prom dinner.

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