Drive-in Delights

Drive-in movies are the next big hit, becoming popular

Emma Bauer, photographer

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The West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In has been around since 1979. The giant screen sits high above a parking lot.  Families and teenagers alike venture to Glendale to enjoy a night out at the movies in the comfort of their own vehicle.

These types of movie theaters have been around since 1933, and have always been popular among teenagers. A drive-in movie theater is a way that students can have a more personal movie going experience.

“In a regular movie, you are out and with people in the open, but when you are in your car, it’s a lot more personal and you get to be with yourself, and if you want to talk or go on your phone you can because you have the luxury of being in your own car with your friends,” said Emily Radke, a sophomore.

Students also have the option of being able to set up their car with blankets, pillows, and snacks to add to the movie experience. Many students prefer the drive-in because of this type of unique atmosphere.

“I prefer the drive-in just because you are in your own car, so you can bring blankets and pillows and snacks… it’s just more fun,” said Taylor Nupoff, a sophomore. 

This also makes the drive-in a lot cheaper than a regular movie. Nowadays a traditional movie theater costs $10 a ticket and another $10 for popcorn and drinks. At West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In, the cost is $15 for two people and patrons can bring their own snacks to eat and drink during the movie.

Although it is a bit far, the drive is worth it if someone is looking to save a little money.

“I’d like to be able to sit in my own car [and] you know, have my own air conditioning,” said Christine Zeeb, a math teacher.

Even though going to a drive-in movie is different from going to a regular movie, both have their pros and cons.

“The regular theater experience, it’s completely dark in there and there are very little distractions, where in a regular car there would be…light from your car inside and stuff like that,” said Zeeb.

Overall, a drive-in movie is an option to consider that is out of the ordinary.

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