Tiny Lens Big Pics

You can take great photos with your phone. Here are some tips.

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Tiny Lens Big Pics

Miah Thirion, video editor

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With good quality cameras becoming more expensive, it has become a trend to take pictures with an iPhone. However, many people do not know what techniques to use to take good phone pictures. With a few simple tricks and techniques, iPhone pictures can be very similar to pictures taken with a high quality camera.

“I do think taking pictures on your phone is more popular than camera’s due to how easy it is to take out your phone and snap a pic,” said Riley Hearn, a sophomore.

One of the many techniques that improves pictures taken with a phone is shooting pictures from a low angle. Shooting from different angles gives a picture a different perspective and it makes it more pleasing to the eye. This allows the picture to look more intriguing to the viewer.

“I do think using different angles can improve the pictures. Changing up the angle from the usual eye level perspective can give an interesting look that is different from most pictures,” said David Jeffcoat, a sophomore.

Another way to improve iPhone pictures is by ensuring there is good lighting. Lighting can majorly affect the outcome of a picture. Ensuring that there is not harsh or dull lighting will improve the pictures, and produce a much better outcome.

“If you are trying to light someones face, use a headlight, or make the temperature of the room different then you definitely need lighting,” said Luke Scott, film and television teacher.

An important aspect of taking pictures is the subject that is being photographed. Taking pictures of objects or places that are not usually photographed betters the pictures. The object in the picture is what tells the story. Pictures of details, unusual objects or places can make a person’s photography more engaging to the viewer.

“I like taking pictures of nature and abandoned places, places that have been forgotten about… photography is a way for everyone to show how they view the world,” said Jeffcoat.

Adjusting focus is another way to improve iPhone pictures. This can be done by clicking on what the photographer  wants the focus to be, or by using the AE/AF lock feature. AE/AF locks the focus on the object they want the camera to mainly focus on. Modifying the focus allows the viewer of the picture to be drawn to a specific object.

“The focus is the clarity of the image. You can have pictures that are purposely out of focus for design purposes, but every picture should be in focus because you want people to see whatever you think is important,” said Scott.

Aside from using different techniques, there are many third party editing apps that can help adjust things such as contrast, brightness, and tones in the pictures. These apps can help to enhance and better the pictures.

“I like to use VSCO, the editing that is in Instagram and sometimes facetune… I like playing with filters and making the colors brighter, I just play around and see what I think looks best,” said Hearn.

Overall, there are many techniques that can be used to produce good quality iPhone pictures.

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