The new episode: China Black Mirror worries on the rise

Karli Kinsey, staff writer

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China is slowly creeping into a real life episode of Black mirror, to the country’s concern. There has been a fairly big controversy between the two due to China’s new social credit system. The country China is filled with over 200 million surveillance cameras, and that amount will only continue to grow. Coincidentally, Black Mirror has an episode called “Nosedive” which is almost identical to what is happening in real life.

“I am absolutely terrified of Black Mirror becoming a reality. Not being able to be your own individual, unique self is a nightmare. Always having to worry about who is constantly watching your every move is horrible. I hope that technology doesn’t advance to hurt us, but rather to help us,” said Holly Beck, a junior.

China started this new way of living in hopes to be completed by the year of 2020. Officials will monitor the country’s people step by step to see right from wrong. The people of China are ranked off of their good deeds. For example, if someone were to buy a Chinese good or take part in some community service, their score would go up. On the contrary, if bad deeds are done, the officials can go as far as not allowing these people to travel or leave the country.

“I don’t want to live in a world where you have to be perfect or that you have to be rated for your actions. Everyone should just be themselves and not have to worry about what others think. This Black Mirror episode is a great example of what living life shouldn’t be like,” said Sydnie St. Jean, a junior.

Black Mirror came up with an episode practically identical to China’s situation back in 2016. In that episode, people faked their kindness to boost their scores. There is no doubt that the same thing will begin to happen in China if not happened already. One of the slight differences is that people are viewed through contact lenses while in China, they are viewed through surveillance cameras.

“In a way I believe Black Mirror got inspiration from China because in both situations they are being watched and rated every second of the day. They are being tested to see who are the best and who should survive,” said St. Jean.

Whether it is for safety or protection, this social credit system is scary. The people of China are being restricted of their daily lives, and from what has been viewed, they do not seem too concerned.

“When I went to China, I took a lot of pictures of the surveillance cameras because it was just so different to me. To think if I did something wrong and got stuck there is scary and cool at the same time. In the United States, we value our privacy. In China on the other hand, I believe it will only get more restrictive,” said Karson Shipp, world history teacher.

The country of China is only becoming one big horror film. With these new rules slowly becoming more strict, the people are becoming more trapped. It is said that people make mistakes, but taking risks could land them stuck in space.

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