A Raw Deal

Nori Sushi takes on Sushi Station

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A Raw Deal

Grace Carey, style editor

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Often times people find themselves torn between what restaurant to dine at. It is a constant struggle between wanting to have an affordable meal, while also having a delicious one.  When grabbing a bite to eat, a popular stop is often sushi.

The origination of sushi dates all the way back to 8th century, Japan. The fish was first salted then wrapped in fermented rice.

Sushi did not gain popularity in the United States until the 1960s. Today, it can be found anywhere from strip malls, to grocery stores, to high-end restaurants.

First up on the smackdown is Nori Sushi, located in Desert Ridge. The atmosphere at Nori was very warm and welcoming. The staff members were both attentive and friendly.

Not only was the atmosphere nice, the food was also delicious. We ordered a California Roll and an Ultimate Crunch Roll, both really good.  They were moderately priced and definitely worth every penny.

Second up on the smackdown is Sushi Station, located just across the street from Desert Ridge. Sushi Station is not a typical restaurant, in the sense that the food goes around on a belt throughout the restaurant. The atmosphere was not very upscale, but possibly good for grabbing a quick bite.

Upon waking in, we were seated and told to grab whatever off the belt that we liked. The staff did not pay much attention to us, however, they were pleasant.

After being seated, we got a California Roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll. The sushi was priced very low, ranging from 2-8 dollars per roll. It was not bad, but it did not stand out as rememberable.

For the price of the sushi, it was about what one would expect, taste wise.  Neither amazing or terrible, just mediocre.

In conclusion, Nori Sushi won the smackdown. While Sushi Station was not bad, it would not be classified as  good. At Nori it is more expensive, but the sushi is better. In this instance, people get what they pay for.

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