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Resolution Revelations

Evan Myers, staff writer

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New Year’s resolutions can help people achieve their goals or motivate others to get something done. Many people make New Year’s resolutions in America, although not everyone sticks with it. Sometimes people give up all together, or decide not to even try. 

According to Dan Diamond from, 40 percent of Americans make a New Years resolution, yet, The University of Scranton’s research suggests that just eight percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals. 

Few meet their goals

“Many people use the New Year as an opportunity to make large bucket lists or attempt extreme makeovers, whether personal or professional. That’s a nice aspiration, experts say—but the average person has so many competing priorities that this type of approach is doomed to failure. Essentially, shooting for the moon can be so psychologically daunting, you end up failing to launch in the first place.”

Share goals

It is important to share personal goals with friends and family. It is a good way to build accountability and motivation. Believing to oneself that they can do it could also really help their motivation to follow through. 

“I have failed at countless New Year resolutions. I feel like everybody fails now-a-days, people don’t have that kind of perseverance,” said Madalyn Terhark, a sophomore. 

Terhark likes New Years and the fact that people can strive toward a goal. 

“They’re a series of small accomplishments throughout the year that lead you to the final goal,” said Terhark. shares some of the more popular resolutions. For example, 53 percent of Americans resolutions involve saving money. 45 percent of Americans make a resolution about losing weight or getting in shape, and 24 percent decide that they want to travel more. 

Read more books

Surprisingly, 23 percent want to read more books, and 22 percent of Americans are wanting to learn a new skill or hobby. The other New Year’s resolutions are to buy a house, which is about 21 percent, and to quit smoking, which is roughly 16 percent. Lastly, 15 percent of Americans resolutions are to find love.

“I always follow through with my resolutions,” said Maya Morant, a sophomore.

Morant enjoys New Years, but she thinks that doing it once a year is inefficient. Instead, she suggests that people should make resolutions once a month. 

“They work just as well,” said Morant. 

Math teacher Mary Neill enjoys New Year’s as well, although sometimes it can be difficult to achieve her goals.

“I don’t stick to them very well,” said Neill. 

One year Neill made a New Year’s resolution to not eat candy, and she followed through successfully. She feels that she fails almost every time, however Neill believes that the reason people do not achieve their resolution is because they do not see results fast enough.

“They don’t see success from it or they don’t see results as quick as they were hoping,” said Neill.

News Year’s resolutions can help people achieve their goals or motivate others to get something done. They can be influential to others, and for personal goals. Keeping resolutions simple is one of the best ways to maintain it.

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Resolution Revelations