Planet Nine discovered past Pluto

Deep within the solar system holds a planet entirely new to scientists

Devin Dorough, staff writer

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Scientists have found evidence of a new planet deep in the solar system through mathematics. They believe it to orbit far past Pluto. Nicknamed Planet Nine, scientists are now researching how people might be able to get to it.

Planet Nine is believed to be ten times bigger than Earth. 

“I would go to a new planet for a new location and be on the frontier of the new scientific innovation and even a good place for a restart,” said Sasha Sypkens, science teacher. 

This planet takes 10,000 to 20,000 Earth years to make a full orbit around the sun. Scientists used mathematics to calculate why certain planets have unique orbits, and they believe it is because of Planet Nine. They continue the search for this planet in hopes of a new planet humans could live on.

Planet Nine first came to attention in 2015, when two scientists by the name of Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown claimed they had research showing there was a large planet orbiting in the outer solar system. This claim was based only on mathematics and computer simulations, but was not based on any direct observations. Now, scientists are researching how to reach this planet for studies and new research.

Scientists have been building super telescopes. These telescopes are bigger than ever before. They will use these to look for planets, but even with the most powerful telescopes, they will only be able to see a faint dot. Researchers  want to get as much information as they can on this planet because they know the population does not have long until the planet is not habitable anymore. 

“I would definitely think about going to a new planet if given the chance, but I wouldn’t want to have to leave any family and friends behind so it would be a hard choice,” said Tino Armijo, a sophomore.

An issue with going to a new planet for a lot of people would be the cost. It is not cheap to send people into space, and many are not comfortable being up there for so long. 

“I’m claustrophobic so I don’t know if I could be in a cramped spot for long,” said Armijo. 

Adjusting would also be something to deal with because we would not have everything we have on Earth right away. 

“I like things the way they are. Moving to another planet would be too different and it would take me a long time to get comfortable there, so I don’t find moving worth it,” said Kade Leveen, a senior. 

Whether people will want to stay or leave Earth, technology is advancing every day, and it will not be long until there is a chance to travel to the new planet.

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