An all-American Thanksgiving delicacy

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An all-American Thanksgiving delicacy

Austin Hagan, travel editor

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Pie is known to have been eaten by ancient Egyptians over four thousand years ago. The association with America does not stop with it being on the menu of every Thanksgiving since the second one. With one in five Americans claiming to eat an entire pie themselves, it has become a popular addition to the Thanksgiving meal. 

Not only do Americans enjoy sliding slices of sweet or savory goodness down their throats, according to Crisco, 47 percent of Americans are comforted by the thought of pie. 

Whether someone is going to share or consume the pie on their own, it is important to know the many options when heading into this Fall.

First up is Walmart. It may seem like a low bar, but their pies are quite good. The biggest benefits of Walmart pies is their proximity, price, and availability. In terms of taste, it may be surprisingly good, but it is nothing compared to the others on the list, or homemade pies.

If pressed for time before Thanksgiving, and if someone is thinking about buying from Walmart, buying the ingredients there and enlisting family members to bake it could be easier. 

If it is not as successful as they hope, they will at least get a good story out of it.

Second is Mamma Toledo’s The Pie Hole. This is a family owned and operated business that began as a food truck. Mamma Toledo and her two daughters worked together to make her shop succeed.

Beyond the comforting interior of the small shop, their pies are delicious and have a specific natural taste that somehow makes it taste more homey. They hand make every single one of them. Toledo’s makes sweet and savory pies as well as other delicious pastries, like their chocolate eclair, which is to die for.

The price of a full pie is much more expensive than Walmart, but buyers can certainly taste the difference.

If the family is planning ahead, their pies are available to order in time for the holidays. They have until the eighteenth when accessing their website. 

This shop is perfect for a stop on the way into work, or for a more specific request for the pie being purchased.

Last but certainly not least, Rock Springs Cafe. It has been said to have some of the best pie in the West, so it is no surprise that they are celebrating one hundred years of business.

Walking up to the old building, the parking lot is always packed with license plates from all over, including people making stops to grab some pie, lunch, or for visits to the farmers market right next door. 

The smell of pie is evident by the time one has reached for the door handle.

Upon entering the building, the restaurant entrance is to the left and right, but right in front is the place to be. There are shelves of freshly baked pies and all sorts of jarred goods. People working there load the shelves up with fresh pies as quickly as they are purchased.

On top of the pies, salsa, and pickled goods, there are pie shakes, which is simply pie blended with ice cream, and turned into a drink. While all their pies are absolutely heavenly, the best seller is their pecan.

The restaurant and area around it is absolutely worth the trip, but if families do not have the time to spare, their pies are also available to order from their website.

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