A modern spin on the classic treasure hunt

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A modern spin on the classic treasure hunt

Maja Pierce and Austin Hagan

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An ongoing worldwide treasure hunt exists in everyone’s neighborhood, and can be accessed as quick as the downloading of the geocaching app.

“It’s a really thrilling experience ‘cause you never know what you’re going to find or where it’s going to be,” said Carmen Lopez, a senior.

To begin, cachers consult a map to find the closest cache. By looking at the details of the cache, they can get a description, reviews, the date it was last found, pictures, and a hint if they are struggling to find the cache. 

Geocaching gets people outside more than usual, and helps friends discover new places. One can truly find a geocache nearby at almost any time.

To start off the hunt, the first stop was near Stagecoach Village. After searching for half an hour, there was nothing to be found. We grew frustrated, seeing a comment calling the geocache a “quick park and grab.”

Finally, using photos other cachers had posted, we were able to locate it.

Continuing the hunt that day, we found multiple geocaches around Cave Creek, including one behind the Circle K, and one located on the peak of Black Mountain. 

We began to realize some required more walking than others and the map showed a lot of geocaches at trail heads. 

“I’ve seen them quite often while hiking,” said Mark Lauch, Zoology teacher.

Inside the geocaches, we found trinkets and a log book. After writing our names we exchanged trinkets. Key chains, bracelets, and stickers were discovered as well as monopoly money that fooled our eyes at first sight. 

“I thought the experience was very reminiscent of my childhood, playing outside all the time and I really enjoyed it,” said Jordan Anderson, a senior.

The hunt turned an average day into an adventure with friends, allowing us to turn the town into our own backyard to explore for a few hours.

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