prescription pills beyond the border

Devin Dorough, Food Editor

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Many people in the United States depend on prescription medicine to live without the fear of health issues that could be fatal. More than 131 million people, sixty six percent of the United States use prescription drugs add where you got this from

These prescription drugs range from all kinds of prices, but most are expensive and many  who need them can not afford them. For people who can’t afford them some take the option of going to another Country for cheaper prices. Not only do people get prescription medicine in other countries but they also get Surgeries, and dental care as well. According to, 150,000 and 320,000 travel to another country for healthcare every year. This kind of travel is known as medical tourism. 

“Many people don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to medical needs and they need to go somewhere where they can afford” said Linda Black, a NICU nurse.

With a rise in more United States residents choosing this method of health care, experts say the industry will keep growing up to twenty five percent in the next 10years. The top reasons they choose to travel for health care is because of the rise in cost for medical treatments, aging and the medical necessities that come with it, and advances in international transportation.

”It saves people a lot of money and they’re getting the treatment they need and not spending all their money” said Jacob Biggs, put grade

According to, 340 new international airports will be built in the next ten years. There are also companies like MedRepublic which connect its users who need Medical Care to doctors around the world. Robert Page, the founder of MedRepublic, claims the best country for medical care is Thailand. The United States falls in second, but this is not based on price. It is because the United States has a level of specialized medicine not found anywhere else. Even with insurance, medical bills in theUnited States. are expensive.

“I went to the hospital for my appendix and the surgery ended up costing my parents a lot out of pocket even though we have insurance,” said Andrew Isho, a senior.