Food at Arizona State Fair continues to attract visitors

The 2021 Arizona State Fair has come to town and brought tons of food with it.

Hailey Dent, staff writer

This year, the Arizona State Fair was back with a lot of changes, it is located off Mcdowell Rd and N 19th Ave. It’s going to be here from October 1 to October 30.
“Three things I consider essential to bring to the fair are probably money, water and your phone to take a bunch of pictures,” said Cadence Presta, a junior who went to the fair.
The fair consists of 58 rides and attractions for guests to enjoy. To get on the rides or play any of the games tickets are required. Along with all the fun games and rides, they have over 75 food stands for people to enjoy.
To start off, the Cheesy Bacon Bombs was a breakfast option provided at the festival. That dish consisted of deep-fried pepper jack cheese cubes wrapped in bacon with garlic butter french fries.
Another one of the funky foods was an “‘’All American Funnel Cake.” The price for one of those was $16. It had scoops of strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. Funnel cakes are already an act of patriotism as is, but the colors made it even more patriotic.
Keeping with the American theme, they had all the deep fried food imaginable.
“The weirdest thing I saw walking around was a deep fried Oreo. It was so weird. It was a single Oreo in a deep fried ball,” said Maya Lyttle, a sophomore who attended the fair.
On the theme of deep fried, another dreamy deep fried dish was a “Loaded brick.” For $16, a plate of curly fries shaped in a rectangle covered with spicy bean chili, and curly fries packed together underneath, all fit tightly on a plate.
Many foods at the fair are known for being Instagram worthy for how peculiar they are. One of the weird foods is a Dole Whip watermelon taco. The vendor who sold it was called “Dole Whip” and it cost $10. “When I was walking around I saw so many weird foods. Some of them really caught my eye though,” Carletta Lyttle, an adult who attended the fair.
With the temperature averaging around 90-degrees, the fresh juicy watermelon was a nice treat to cool off with. The watermelon was hollowed out to make room for the pineapple soft serve, which came covered in chamoy sauce and spicy Tajin. The leftover watermelon that was removed was cut into thick slices and served for eating.