Seniors scramble for graduation photographers

Coope Lake, technical editor

With graduation coming up for seniors, the demand for skilled photographers is on the rise.
Some students get their senior photos taken for graduation invitations, some for senior ads in the yearbook, and some just want to commemorate this time in their lives.
High quality photos rely on high quality choices, and there are lots of choices when it comes to getting the photos taken.
Photographers will offer a few different options for scenery. Frequent backgrounds include urban areas, desert backgrounds, and places with lots of greenery. “I went to downtown Phoenix and went in like the middle of the road and stuff,” said Marcus Galeano, a senior.
Choosing your photographer can be a difficult task. While many families have stuck with the same photographer for years, others are in the market for a new one. It is important to keep in mind the varying skill sets of different photographers.
Try looking at others’ senior photos online and seeing who they hired. Asking around is a great way to find a viable option. “I’ve heard about this guy Cooper Lake. He’s an up and coming photographer, and he’s local,” said AJ Stenger, a senior.
The Cactus shadows photography club is also offering photography for senior photos. Contact David Contreras, a teacher on campus, for more details. Mr. Contreras’ goal is to equip students with the skill set they need to go pro. “Contact either me, or my club leader, Simon Carlan. He’s a junior here at Cactus Shadows,” said Contreras.