Thrifting to help furry friends in need


Claire Geare

volunteers hang up merchandise to help fund local shelters. Puppy Luv is a thrift shop dedicated to helping local shelters and rescues for pets

Sarah Love, trending now editor

Puppy Luv Flea Market is working to create a different perspective surrounding the stigma of rescue dogs. They are a no-kill, foster based animal rescue based right in the heart of Cave Creek. Their thrift store is located at 6920 E. Cave Creek Road. All of their proceeds go to homeless animals that are in search of homes. The merchandise is donated from the people in the town of Cave Creek, ranging from kitchenware, to jewelry and clothing.
“I think it’s an awesome idea, from a very humane perspective. I really like that the money made goes to benefit the animals in search of a home,” Sara Patterson, a junior.
The Puppy Luv thrift store and Puppy Luv animal rescue are both run by Puppy Luv Foundation. Dogs can be seen by the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Donations are always encouraged, there is a drop off for the donations at Puppy Luv Thrift Store. Old towels and sheets are two donations that are always greatly needed and appreciated.
“The goal of Puppy Luv is to help the dogs on the Indian Reservation in hopes to reduce the amount of stray dogs that are running around loose,” Gwen Ware, founder of Puppy Luv.
Approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized each year. According to the ASPCA. With the help of non-kill shelters and businesses donating to these shelters, these numbers could be drastically decreased. Making a positive impact on the community while also making an impact on the animals seeking their forever home.
“I think it’s an amazing point of view on a sad situation, it is bringing awareness to the community about the issue along with encouraging the community to adopt and donate,” Lauren Heideman, a junior and active thrifter.
It goes without saying that when adopting a rescue pet, a life is being saved but more than one life is actually saved. When one animal gets adopted it frees up space for another animal that could desperately need it.
Adopting also gives the shelter a voice, bringing more awareness so more people can adopt.