Musical chaos in Cave Creek


Blake Dorame

Playground Chaos practices two times a week at the drummer, Davis’ practice space. They have played four shows and are starting to record their songs.

Phillip Tate, Staff Writer

Playground Chaos is a new local, indie-blues band with four members that started in early November. They got their name from a fight between two of the band members on the playground in elementary school. 

“Ben and Reid, the drummer, and the other guitarist during elementary school, were on the playground and were arguing and Reid punched Ben in the face. Reid’s dad said, during practice one day, that they should name the band Playground Chaos,” said Logan McDade, senior, and lead guitarist and vocalist of the band.

The band formed in November when Ben Bates and Reid Davis, juniors who attend Pinnacle HIgh School, were jamming together and decided to look for another guitarist. They asked senior Devin Dorough and Walter Wilson, both from the local band Bummer Girl, if they could recommend anyone for the band. They gave them McDade’s contact information. Bates and Davis played with him and asked him to join the band. McDade then brought Aleksey Orlov, senior, into the group to play the bass guitar. 

“I’ve known Aleksey since elementary school,” said McDade. “He’s the best bass player I’ve ever played with.”

The band played three shows soon after coming together, and one more since then. When they first started, they practiced almost every day to prepare for their first three shows. 

“We practice twice a week normally, but if we have a show we change it up and practice every day,” said Bates, the rhythm guitarist.

Getting shows is very hard for them and is usually because of pure luck. Usually, they perform once or twice a month and get put on the lineup at the last minute. Most shows they do get come from asking other bands if they want to add them onto their show, or a promoter will reach out to them through direct messages, asking if they want to play a show. 

“You can tell [Playground Chaos] were all very talented and they had a really fun time playing,” said Bella Gabriel, a junior who has seen them perform at a house show.

Playground Chaos has their next show on February 20. They are performing at the Rebel Lounge, the tickets are ten dollars and can be purchased online on the Rebel Lounge website.