Wild west takes over town

Cave Creek's western heritage was on display during this event

Kolton O'Conner, staff writer

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Around 10,000 people celebrated western culture and style during Wild West Days in Cave Creek November 8 through 10.

“The western heritage and horsemanship that is represented in our community is one of the traditions that makes Cave Creek so special,” said Daniel Piacquadio, co-owner of Harold’s Cave Creek Corral, which is a restaurant where many of the Wild West Day events took place.

The event began Friday night with Bull Riding and a kick off dance at the Buffalo Chip Saloon. On Saturday, there were a wide variety of activities, including a horse ride to honor veterans, bike race and even a pig race.

“There’s a bunch of cool stuff over [in Cave Creek] like all the shops and buildings are all western and they have western art,“” said Zach Eastburn, a sophomore.

Cave Creek has a lot of western influence and it plays a major part in Cave Creek’s style and culture. Wild West Days has many events throughout the whole town of Cave Creek. Many locales and local businesses support the Wild West Days event. Kiwanis hosted a pancake breakfast on Saturday in Carefree. Harold’s hosted a cornhole tournament and the pig races.

“Wild West days has been going on for several years and different groups have helped make the event special, but it really is about some of our local businesses coming together to have different events for our community. Harold’s is proud to be a part of this event,” said Piacquadio.

There was also an area set up for kids in the backyard at Big Earl’s. Awesome Kid Games included a 24 foot chalkboard, a huge Jenga set and more. 

“After hearing about what it is, I think it could be fun, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard about it,” said Danyela D’Angelo, a junior.

The three day event wrapped up Sunday morning with a free breakfast for veterans, and Mutton Bustin, Calf and Steer and Bull Riding in the afternoon at Outlaws Arena on Cave Creek Road.

“I like the western style, it’s a cool aesthetic,” said Eastburn

Wild West Days has become a tradition with both residents and visitors attending all three days.