Shoppers explore thrift stores

Devin Dorough, food editor

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A trend that has started to take off this past couple of years is thrift shopping. Clothes and accessories are a big thing to help us stand out and express ourselves.  Thrift shopping is a fun way people can get more clothing for your style, and stay in a low budget.

In Cave Creek, there are many local thrift shops. The three most popular are Kiwanis Marketplace, Gold Mine Thrift Shop, and Infinite Finds. All these locations are considerably cheaper and have great finds from clothing, to art, to everyday necessities.

Kiwanis Market Place is located in Old Town Cave Creek. Kiwanis’ goal is to enrich the education of the students in their community and they do this by sponsoring smaller projects such as the Boy Scouts and Desert Foothills Key Club. A lot of the money they make at this thrift store goes to these organizations or to Kiwanis to keep expanding. Kiwanis is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:00 to 4:00 They’re ready to greet and help you find the next great find.

Inside Kiwanis it was a smaller sized thrift store. It has a lot of home materials such as things to cook with, and smaller appliances, and also furniture and decorations. The clothing section is pretty big for the women but the men’s section doesn’t have a lot to choose from. 

Gold Mine thrift shop is another thrift shop located in Old Town Cave Creek. This one is a little bit smaller in size than Kiwanis, but still has a good collection of stuff. Gold Mine is open 9-3 on Wednesday through Saturday and states on their website, they want to provide a service and physical merchandise to those in need. It is run through volunteers. Volunteers that have been serving since the 80’s are still there. The shop originated from the Good Shepherd of the Hills church in 1947. In the middle of the community it served to help people with physical and spiritual needs. It’s open all year around except for August which is when they do cleaning and repairs.

Compared to Kiwanis this is a very small thrift store. It had all the same things but a lot less options. There is also not much you can find in there that really catches the eye, or that is considered a good thrift.

Infinite Finds is another thrift store in Cave Creek that is a lot newer than its other competitors as it opened in 2017. The company’s owner, Melissa Bates, formed Infinite Finds through her love of healthcare and her old job as a senior placement agent at (where she worked before). On the website it states that Bates wants people to find their next great find and make them as happy as it made the previous owner. Infinite Finds also does things for the community such as giving free wigs to women who have lost hair due to cancer. They also sell body lotions and oils that have health benefits such as CBD oils. Infinite finds is more of a women based store but there was good stuff in there that many could benefit off of. Another cool thing about infinite finds is they sell things for staying healthy.

These thrift stores are great to check out if you’re looking to buy some new clothes. They are a great way to save money and give back to the community in one go.