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Internet trolling hits video calls

Nia Sogaard, Writer/Photographer

April 24, 2020

With schools around the world making a transition from classrooms to online school due to COVID-19, schools and teachers are tweaking their classes in order to accommodate social-distancing. Many teachers have made efforts to maintain face-to-face or rather face-to-screen lessons. Zoom, a video conferencing...

School spiritless?

Some bathrooms have been vandalized and demonstrate a lack of care for the school.

April 16, 2020

Over the past several years, there has been a change in the climate on campus. Some staff and students have said it has gotten worse, pointing to the lack of attendance at school events, the high level of teacher turnover, the bathroom vandalism and increase in trash across campus.  The climate of a s...

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School