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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

Euphoric for Euphoria

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor March 7, 2022

Season two of Euphoria aired January 9. Euphoria is a television series that can be streamed on HBO and HBO Max, the series is about highschool students navigating their way through life. The show addresses...

KPOP the world wide sensation

Hailey Dent, sports editor March 7, 2022

Kpop is a worldwide sensation originating in South Korea. The genre is just like normal pop, but in korean. The lyrics vary from Korean to English depending on the groups. Millions of people around the...

‘WORDLE’ takes the world by storm

Sarah Love, trending now editor March 7, 2022

Within the last month, the game Wordle has blown up on social media. Wordle is a once a day game that has gone viral in the recent weeks. To play Wordle is simple, the player is granted six chances to...

Wall of art. Local Jonny’s outside walls have art, creating a very urban setting. The popularity of street art has grown a lot in recent years, making it out to the suburbs.

Graffiti and street art take over

Sarah Love, trending now editor March 7, 2022

Graffiti has been prominent in culture throughout history. According to an article published by Columbia University, graffiti is the writing, drawing, or painting on a surface. The first drawings on walls...

New to the market 	is the Dyson Air Wrap which is the new top hit in the beauty market.

Wrapping up in style

Sarah Love, trending now editor February 10, 2022

Those who are obsessed with a bouncy and voluminous look that can be created in a matter of minutes from damp hair will love the Dyson Airwrap. “I get the idea, the Dyson Airwrap and all in one, you...

A Swift Recovery

David Lane, news editor November 5, 2021

On November 12, Taylor Swift plans to release a re-recording of her hit 2012 album Red, this time, however, the album will be much more true to Taylor’s original vision. Since 2018, Swift has been waging...

Punk show enthusiast Flynn Shelmire attending a punk show. House shows like these are frequently in enthusiasts homes

Phoenix’s Punk Revival

Max Hancock, opinion editor November 5, 2021

Within the past year, Phoenix has witnessed a punk music revival, with teenagers attending local shows and being a part of a returning scene of misfits. “A lot of younger people have been introduced...

Early 2000’s media still influencing teen fashion today

Katelyn Pinkham, style editor October 7, 2021
Twilight and Gilmore Girls are making a resurgence on TikTok, with the style and aesthetic influencing and inspiring teens.
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