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Mike Lake admires the beauty that Hidden Meadow Ranch has to offer.

Secluded ranch provides refuge for fall visitors

Owen Taylor, staff writer November 5, 2021

Located about ten miles north from a small town called Greer, sits a peaceful ranch known as Hidden Meadow Ranch. It is about a three to four hour drive from Phoenix, Tucson or Flagstaff. The drive to...

Cheap flights available this fall

Katelyn Pinkham, style editor November 5, 2021

Travelers can expect good deals on cheap flights this coming fall due to the low travel demand. According to USA Today, airfare prices are expected to drop ten percent in the next few months as the travel...

Gas prices skyrocket in the United States

David Lane, news editor November 5, 2021

Gas prices nationwide have skyrocketed this year, costing an unprecedented $3.39 per gallon. This sharp increase may affect how people plan for their road trips this year. Since the beginning of 2021,...

Travel ban takes off from the states

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor November 5, 2021

On Friday, October 15th, the White House announced its plan to lift the travel ban effective November eighth, allowing visitors from other countries into the United States. “I would feel safe traveling...

The effectiveness of safety gear

Sarah Love, trending now editor October 6, 2021
With so much desert surrounding the Cave Creek community, it is no surprise that many member’s favorite pastimes are activities such as motorcycling. However, with a rising accident rate for these vehicles, it’s important to stay safe.

Arizona’s famous cliff dwellings

Livia Lowe, science editor October 6, 2021

Cliff dwellings are ancient houses built in caves. Many Native American tribes used those as their housings for safety from flooding and other weather issues. There are three major cliff dwellings in Arizona:...

Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day

Miah Thirion, Style Editor April 19, 2020

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, many couples start to wonder how to spend this holiday with their other half or friends. Valentine’s Day plans usually consist of dinner or going on a regular...

Up... Up... and Away

Up… Up… and Away

Michael Kaegi, Travel Editor April 19, 2020

An unusual travel experience unique to the Southwest are hot air balloon rides, where people can view the mountains and sunny skies of Arizona from high above the ground. Most hot air balloons fly a...

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