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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

Fashion Week returns to Milan

Cait Bunkers, guest writer March 7, 2022

Milan fashion week spotlighted 2022’s fall and winter styles from February 22 through 28. “I’m looking forward to seeing fall and winter trends this year because I have a feeling there will be new...

Swatches.  Senior Erika Potter swatches three colors on her arm to see which highlights her skin tone th best. For Potter personally, pink is her skin under tone.

Discover your skin’s undertones

Judy Silva, food editor March 7, 2022

Whether they are a professional makeup artist or an avid makeup user, knowing skin undertones is one of the foundations of using makeup. “Without knowing your undertones, choosing what makeup to use...

Sweat in style. 	Jacob Ong, a senior, wears a Steel lightweight workout shirt paired with basketball shorts and Nike socks. To make the look more casual, Ong wears a pair of Converse.

Athletics popular in everyday wear

Jaden Lea, tech editor March 7, 2022

The culture and fashion surrounding working out has become trendy over the past decade, which brings the question on what workout brands are the best to wear when at the gym. “Athleisure” has been...

Staying warm. 	Junior Greta Bernard wears a balaclava to keep warm in this chilly weather. She styles it with an oversized sweater.

Balaclavas are back

Hudson Ellis, sports editor March 7, 2022

The winter season always ushers in a new wave of fashion trends. This year in particular has seen an interesting new addition to wardrobes around the world; balaclavas. Originating in Crimea, balaclavas...

Know your vintage clothes

Max Hancock, opinion editor March 7, 2022

Single stitch Single stitch refers to the construction of T-shirts from the 1970s up until the late 1990s. The distinctive characteristic of this style is found on the sleeve of the T-shirt. Since the...

Throw it back.	 Senior Paige Wicker wears a claw clip in her hair as a nod to to the 2000s Y2K culture. Claw clips are becomng increasingly popular with teens and young adults.

20-year trend cycle faster than ever

Katelyn Pinkham, style editor March 7, 2022

Around every 20 or so years, trends begin to resurface into popular fashion and culture. “Trends repeat themselves the same way history repeats itself, but personally I would rather invest into my personal...

New to the market 	is the Dyson Air Wrap which is the new top hit in the beauty market.

Wrapping up in style

Sarah Love, trending now editor February 10, 2022

Those who are obsessed with a bouncy and voluminous look that can be created in a matter of minutes from damp hair will love the Dyson Airwrap. “I get the idea, the Dyson Airwrap and all in one, you...

Everyday Workwear

Max Hancock, opinion editor February 10, 2022

Workwear, a genre of clothing praised for its ability to withstand the intensity of blue collar professions, has recently gained attention amongst the fashion industry for its rugged yet bold look. “I...

Thrift prices on the rise

Judy Silva, food editor February 10, 2022

With the influx of fast fashion brands, resellers, and high inflation rates, thrift stores have had to adapt by increasing their prices. Goodwill, Savers, and Salvation Army are a few of many widely known...

 Claire Geare, a senior, keeps a Betty Boop and Hello Kitty plushie in her backseat to keep her company and add a pop of fun.

Personalize your car

Claire Geare, editor-in-cheif February 10, 2022

Get creative with your mirror Any clipped object or tied object, can hang from your dash. I tied a bag of lavender around mine as an air freshener. Don’t be afraid to sparkle Stick on gems are a...

Sporty Vibes.	 Senior Jacob Freedman wears a red Atlantica Hawks sleeveless jersey over a plain grey hoodie to show his support, while still being stylish

A new look at sports wear

Owen Taylor, sports editor February 9, 2022

Sports jerseys are being seen more and more in everyday wear as there are many different ways that they can be styled. Since the weather has been colder lately, people are seen with jerseys over different...

Complimenting body shapes made easy for teens

Judy Silva, Food Editor February 9, 2022

There are countless different body shapes, but the most common include rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, round, and hourglass. “Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and you may find you don’t...

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