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Mackenzie Zoerb, a senior, looks for the perfect new addition to her room decor. Zoerb decorates her bedroom every year for the holidays. “I love getting new decorations because it alwys puts me in the spirit,” said Zoerb.

Getting into the spirit

Judy Silva, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Christmas has arrived and all of Cave Creek is glowing at night. “I’ve been putting up Christmas decorations ever since I could remember, so probably around 30 years,” said Zeb Schnorr, a parent...

Best foot forward

Best foot forward

Different shoe trends resurface as brands diversify their selection
Peyton Marinelli, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Recently, old brands such as Nike and Doc Martens have made a comeback in today’s fashion. Influencers and celebrities have a huge impact on what becomes trending, especially in teens. Nike Air Force...

Making a monochromatic fashion statement

Style of single colored outfits emerges among teens because of celebrity influence.
Laynee Smith, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Monochrome styling has recently become fashionable, with many high end magazines featuring photos of models wearing different shades of one color. According to the style blog, stylishly me, the word “monochromatic”...

Gianna Lazzaro, a junior, layers a lace long sleeve under a simple black t-shirt. She often layers shirts and sweaters to add dimension to outfits and keep warm. “I love layering because you can be so versatile with it,” said Lazzaro.

A way to look cool in the cold: layering clothes

Sarah Love, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

As the weather gets colder, students find fashionable ways of layering their clothes to keep warm. “I layer clothes to stay warm, for comfort, and style, I really like layering turtlenecks under sweatshirts...

COVID-19 has had adverse effects on fashion industry

Sarah Love, Staff Writer October 28, 2020

The fashion industry in 2020 has been drastically altered by the effects of COVID-19. Over these past few months the fashion industry has taken a fall for the worse. With so many variables playing into...

This Air Jordan Retro 4 sneaker is available for $330 on

Sold out sneakers available again on October 16

Philip Tate, Tech Editor October 13, 2020

Union Los Angeles and Jordan Brand are collaborating again to make two Air Jordan 4s and two Jordan Delta Mids. The shoes were released on the Union LA website on Saturday, August 29. The Jordan 4 was...

Lukha Thirion, a freshman styles her mask by matching the pattern of the mask with a similar shirt.

Styling Masks

Sarah Love, Staff Writer August 28, 2020

2020 has become a new age of fashion that has adapted to our current global situation: a pandemic. Remembering to grab a mask every time you step out of your door has proven to be challenging. So, why...

Tanning at home makes a comeback

Sharon Goez, Staff Writer May 14, 2020

Throughout this quarantine, many people have been taking advantage of their excess time to finally tan. However, finding products that help enhance a summer tan while also protecting the skin can be hard. According...

Many stores, such as Brandy Melville have temporarily stopped all orders because of the unprecedented and very high online demand.

Online shopping rises in popularity as many clothing stores close

Alex Grove, Staff Writer May 13, 2020

As COVID-19 spread, many people all around resorted to online purchases to hopefully stop the spread of the so called aggressive illness. That being said, some online sales have skyrocketed in the last...

Pandemic affects the fashion industry

Kenadee Fronstin, Digital Journalism Staff Writer May 8, 2020

As a society we tend to be aware of where our clothes come from, however we sometimes have a more obscure and limited view of the industry itself. With COVID-19 affecting everything all around the world,...

People start making hand sanitizer and masks at home due to shortage of supplies

People start making hand sanitizer and masks at home due to shortage of supplies

Alex Grove, Staff Writer May 1, 2020

With COVID-19 going on, there has been a lot of panic and stress that has come to many people’s attention. As soon as the stay at home order was put into place, people all around the country swept the...

At home haircuts becomes the new salon

Kenadee Fronstin, Digital Journalism Staff Writer April 28, 2020

Hair growth is something that can be an issue under normal circumstances, but with the quarantine, it has become an even bigger concern. With salons closed, many people have started to cut their own hair...

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