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Connor Paola, a senior, rides through a competition.

Biker with Cystic Fibrosis rides to sucess

Livia Lowe, science editor November 5, 2021

Connor Paola rides with the mountain bike team despite having a terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis. “It makes breathing harder, and makes you feel really weird because sometimes you can’t keep...

Title IX meaning convoluted

Cait Bunkers, sports editor November 5, 2021

Title IX has experienced much debate in the years since it was enacted. In 1972, the Education Amendments of 1972 were signed into law by Richard Nixon, including Title IX. The title, written by Patsy...

Special needs students celebrate their new skills at the inaugural CCUSD One Team Day

Cheer teams benefit special needs athletes

Johnathan Geare, staff writer November 5, 2021

Special needs cheer teams are part of a sustained effort to give children of all ages the opportunity to participate and compete in fields that have historically been inaccessible. “I think it’s...

ESports club goes for the gold (coins)

Philip Tate, editor-in-chief November 5, 2021

The school’s ESports club competes as a team against other highschools in Arizona on Playvs. in League of Legends and Rocket League. “We have two teams that compete in online games in League of Legends...

Freshman aspire to maintain winning streak

Freshman aspire to maintain winning streak

Will Donegan, staff writer November 5, 2021

The freshman football team kicked the 2021 season off with a 7-32 loss to Horizon High School. “I think that people have to want to get better this year. It’s our first year in high school and we...

Rising concussion rates cause concern

Paul Wernes, travel editor November 5, 2021

Concussions in school sports have increased in recent years, causing concerns among athletes and coaches alike. “I have had four concussions and they are all from cheer. So far they haven’t affected...

Messi departs from Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain

Owen Taylor, staff writer October 7, 2021

Lionel Messi, soccer player, recently departed Barcelona to play at Paris Saint-Germain. On August 10, Messi signed a two-year contract with the option to extend it for a third season.“It was crazy,...

Palma jumps for victories

Palma jumps for victories

Max Hancock, opinion editor October 7, 2021

In her first year as captain of the varsity volleyball team, Gianna Palma has made waves as a multi talented student athlete and improv team member. “I was made a captain of the team because I think...

The history of homecoming

David Lane, news editor October 7, 2021

Since its conception, Homecoming traditions around the United States have been an important staple of high school and college culture. While there is no definitive answer about where homecoming came...

New NIL rules benefit college athletes financially

Cait Bunkers, sports editor October 7, 2021

In June 2021, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), released new rules regarding name, image, and likeness. According to NBC Chicago, NIL rules for athletes compensation, usually money,...

Golf teams have high hopes for this season

Golf teams have high hopes for this season

Jordan Kern, staff writer October 7, 2021

This year's 2021-2022 boys and girls golf team is certainly something to look forward to. “The goal is to always be playing better at the end of the season than the beginning but I'll probably have...

Olympics postponed due to Coronavirus

Lauren Schwartz Olson, DJ Staff April 24, 2020

The Summer 2020 Olympics have been postponed for the first time in history this year, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The games which were previously supposed to be starting on July 24, 2020 will...

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