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Administration seeks a solution for student lateness

Cait Bunkers, online staff writer

November 14, 2019

Administration has recently started acting more on the increasing lateness. Habitual lateness can prevent fluid learning and distract other students, which may cause some to miss out on important information. “Absolutely [lateness prevents fluid learning],” said Andrea Daly, an english teacher. ...

Superintendent’s student cadre meets to discuss issues at the school

Kaitlyn Cross, online staff writer

November 13, 2019

Every month after school, the Superintendent’s Student Cadre meets in the teacher’s lounge to discuss different topics and come up with many solutions to solve certain problems that go on in the school.  Students submit problems anonymously and at every monthly meeting the advisors cross out the pr...

Littering issues leave security unhappy

Kaitlyn Cross, online staff writer

November 8, 2019

An issue that has been occurring on campus is littering. Students specifically during lunch have been throwing trash on school grounds, even though there are multiple trash cans spread around for students to drop trash.  Others in the school have been upset with this ongoing problem. Jackie Kelleh...

Consuming energy drinks may have negative effects on health

Sarah Love, online staff writer

November 6, 2019

Energy drinks are the second biggest dietary supplement consumed predominantly by American teens and young adults next to multivitamins. They are promoted by many companies as a product that can enhance mental alertness, physical performance, and increase energy.  “I drink energy drinks because they give m...

EVIT superintendent involved in scandal

Zachery Valentine, staff writer

October 28, 2019

The superintendent of East Valley Technical Institute (EVIT), Chad Wilson, who was indicted in September by a grand jury for allegedly mishandling public money while serving as Apache Junction’s superintendent, has been reinstated by the Governing Board. Many Cactus Shadows students are currently...

NEHS offers new opportunities

NEHS offers new opportunities

Ryan Bartholomew, spotlight editor

October 28, 2019

National English Honors Society (NEHS) is one of the many honor societies that have a chapter established on campus. The society is intended for those with higher performance in a certain area of their academics. In America, the oldest academic society was Phi Beta Kappa, which was founded as a social...

Butterfly Wonderland offers a view of a world of small beauty

Butterfly Wonderland offers a view of a world of small beauty

Hope Black, staff writer

May 14, 2019

Butterfly Wonderland is a rainforest pavilion filled with 3,000 butterflies and plants from all over the world. Not only are there butterflies, but attached to the pavillion is an insect and reptile exhibit, along with a small aquarium. The entire place is family-friendly, and there are many activities. Butte...

Saudi Arabian Teachers Visit Arizona

Brook Bowman, editor in chief

November 29, 2018

Cactus Shadows welcomes teachers from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to come and expand their knowledge on American education. In hopes of improving and innovating Saudi Arabia’s schools, Building Leadership for Change Through School Immersion, the program that helped the teachers come here, partnered...

Diplomacy While Earning A Diploma

Max Sotelo, film editor

November 9, 2018

Once a week, students in the Model United Nations Club meet to discuss issues of international concern. Also known as Model UN, the club simulates the United Nations general assembly. With Bella Sayegh, senior and president, and Emma Strouse, senior and vice president, members of the club choose co...

State Fair Is Back

Mia Brito, staff writter

November 9, 2018

The annual Arizona state fair is back and open for business. This year’s fair has over 68 rides ranging from roller coasters to slides and mazes, and includes live music, a petting zoo, and classic fair food. Jennifer Espinel, a fair attendee, compared the Arizona State Fair to the New Jersey Sta...

Climate Change Is Standing On Thin Ice Across The World

Julia Knies, staff writter

November 9, 2018

With a surge of super storms across the planet, concerns for climate change are increasing. People are becoming more aware of the effects and causes of human-induced climate change. The average summer temperature will be ten degrees hotter by 2100 according to Climate Central, a nonprofit group. The da...

The Splash That Seniors Enjoy

Connor Green, staff writer

November 9, 2018

Senior Assassins, a game played by high school seniors, has taken the school by storm since it was first introduced. With water guns as weapons, and swimwear as protection, the game pits teams of two against each other. “It is pretty fun, I get to connect with a lot of people from school that I h...

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