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IB students host Governing Board Candidate Forum

IB students host Governing Board Candidate Forum

Elizabeth Barrett with additional reporting by Solei Geist, Staff writer

October 13, 2020

“The role of a governing board member is important because they help to make decisions for the district,” said Brashear. “They must be a leader within and outside of the community to do what is best for our schools, so it is important for them to maintain those standards.”

COVID-19 affecting American Airlines

Short Final, MIA

Judy Silva, Staff writer

October 8, 2020

Due to the pandemic, American Airlines has recently had to make changes to some of their flights. On August 13, they announced that they are planning to drop flights that were heading to nearly 30 smaller U.S. cities, including Lake Charles and Springfield. August 24, an article by David Keonig, was...

In-person versus online learning

Paige Waters, Staff Writer

October 8, 2020

As the cases of the coronavirus begin to rise, parents and students are left to decide, whether they would rather go back to school, or do online school. As of March last year, students were sent home before spring break and never returned. Arizona now has more than 198,000 cases, making the choice...

Senior splash dives deep into college prep

Emma Weaver, Food Editor

October 8, 2020

On Wednesday, September 23rd, college representatives from Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Paradise Valley Community College attended a virtual meeting to answer seniors’ questions about college scholarships. “We enjoyed...

Wildfires blaze through California

Wildfires blaze through California

Paul Wernes, Travel Editor

October 8, 2020

California is currently going through a series of dangerous fires. The fires in California have occurred over the last few years and keep on getting worse. Many fires that have occurred recently in California could have been prevented. On September 7, a smoke bomb at a gender reveal party sparked the...

University of North Carolina moves online due to COVID-19

Livia Lowe, Staff writer

October 7, 2020

Undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina are to move classes online using zoom because of an outbreak where 177 students caught COVID-19. The beginning of the 2020-2021 school year has been everything but perfect. With cases still on the rise in the United States, schools especially...

Update on COVID-19 at ASU

Justin Wong, Staff writer

October 6, 2020

COVID-19 cases at Arizona State University continue to rise, despite all of the precautions the school has been taken to prevent the virus from spreading. According to ASU’s official COVID-19 management website, the cases at ASU are currently at 1,753. Considering that the university has not been...

Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Claire Geare, Opinion Editor

October 6, 2020

“Her fight impacts women everyday because we aren’t asking for permission from men, we’re allowed to hold our own lives in our own hands. We are closer to being equals with men than before, and she was the catalyst,” said Audrey Phipps, a junior.

More districts push for re-opening schools

Philip Tate, Tech Editor

September 25, 2020

Multiple school districts in Maricopa County are pushing towards opening for in-school learning, even while COVID-19 is still raging and teachers are protesting against opening. “I was excited to open, in the sense of obviously wanting kids back in session, teachers back in session, you know, having...

Teacher sickout delays school opening

Cait Bunkers, Spotlight Editor

September 25, 2020

On September 8, the high school was supposed to open, but this date was delayed by the sickout by over 35 teachers. “[We’re here] because our teachers cancelled on us,” said Nathan Manchaco, a freshman who participated in the rally. The rally was originally planned as a protest after the teacher...

New rules put in place to halt the spread of COVID-19

Cactus Shadows enforces a strict mask policy. Two-time offenders of the rule get sent home.

Mikki Warriner, Style Editor

September 25, 2020

Several changes and policies have been made to campus since returning back to in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic. The push to open school created challenges with trying to figure out how to work while having to social distance and stay safe. “All of the new policies are strange but they don’t...

How a person’s upbringing shapes who they are

Delaynee Smith, Staff Writer

September 25, 2020

People’s values and outlooks on the world are shaped by their specific experiences as they grow up in different places with different families. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Attitudes may be related to cultural beliefs founded in common experience.” Being raised...

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