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Tips and Tricks to reduce and cope with stress

Kolton O'Connor, staff writer

September 26, 2019

High schoolers are under a lot of stress and are dealing with a lot of different stressors this can be very difficult to handle if you don’t have coping skills and stress reducers to turn to. Everyone deals with stress in their own ways but many people do not know useful and healthy ways to cope and de...

No homework, no tests, and no stress with Biannual Rest and Renew weeks

Phillip Tate, staff writer

September 26, 2019

R+R week is a relatively new concept that some schools around the country have implemented. It stands for rest and renew week. During the week, teachers can not assign homework or give tests. The point of this week would be to give students time to get caught up on missing work and try to relax and relie...

Calm Down

Julia Knies, Opinion Editor

September 26, 2019

With the school year beginning, many find themselves overwhelmed while adjusting to the new workload. Taking up meditation as a practice of mindfulness is a beneficial way to take a moment to regain thoughts and release stress. “We tend to get stressed when we’re thinking about the future, and when ...

Multiple cases of measles and mumps are confirmed in Arizona

Ryan Batholomew, staff writer

April 24, 2019

The Arizona Department of Health Services issued a release in early March confirming a case of measles in the state. The Pima County Public Health Department is investigating potential community exposure of the disease after a 12-month-old infant was diagnosed March 6. “We are working with our health-care and p...

Living with Lactose

Frida Alvarado, staff writer

April 24, 2019

Cow's milk has been labelled as one of the easiest and efficient ways to get calcium and other nutrients for decades; however, in recent years, the consumption of milk has decreased. More people are asking themselves if milk is actually healthy. Today, the average person drinks 18 gallons of milk a year, but ...

Staying safe in the sun

Ryan Bartholomew, staff writer

March 13, 2019

In Arizona, protecting your skin from the sun is something that kids are told to do from a very young age. Different people have different methods to protect their skin from the sun, and some work a bit better than others. The most effective way to avoid a sunburn—and it will work 100 percent o...

Restaurants with vegan options increase in popularity

Karli Kinsey, staff writer

March 13, 2019

Veganism is a growing trend in today’s society. More and more people try it out for the sake of its popularity, but they are unaware of the actual health benefits that come along with it. Restaurants are picking up on the trend of veganism and what it has to offer, and the vegan restaurant ...

Diet or Die

Raven Ramirez, staff writer

February 21, 2019

With the beginning of a New Year, comes resolutions. One of the most common is to diet. There are countless options; however, there are a few prominent ones that most choose to follow. A fad diet is very popular for a short amount of time. According to Health Research Funding, the average American at...

New Year, New You

Grace Carey, style editor

February 21, 2019

As the New Year begins to unfold, many find themselves falling short of their once promised New Year's resolutions. Often times, individuals who set too many resolutions do not end up reaching all, if any. Studies done by Psychology Today have shown that about 80 percent of New Year's resolutions fail ...

Energy drink first to add creatine

Energy drink first to add creatine

Lauryn Stornelli, creeker editor

November 29, 2018

Bang energy drinks are finding their place in the daily routines of people all around the nation, but not without some backlash. The big concern of the drink that seems to be going straight over the average consumer’s head is the question of what actually is in the drink and why is it so much stron...

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