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Judy Silva, a sophomore, enjoys one of Starbucks drinks, the Caramel Cookie Bar Frappuccino from their secret menu.

“Secret” menu items offer hidden options

Erika Potter, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Taco Bell: The Incredible Hulk This mashup takes one of Taco Bell’s five-layer burritos and swaps out the nacho cheese for guacamole. Then it’s covered in their signature lava sauce. This one is definitely...

Eating healthy during the holidays

Paul Wernes, Travel Editor January 14, 2021

During the holidays it can be easy to eat an excessive amount of food, however there are ways to stay healthy. According to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American’s...

Add some ice cream to the pumpkin pie crisp for extra goodness.

Make this Pumpkin Pie Crisp to get in the mood for Fall

Judy Silva, Staff writer October 13, 2020

Pumpkin Pie Crisp This is an easy fall dessert with delicious pumpkin pie filling and a crunchy cinnamon coating served with ice cream on top. Ingredients Pumpkin Filling 1 (15-oz.) canned pumpkin...

Find recipes like this one for cookie dough protein balls.

Change up boring snack routine

Justin Wong, Staff writer October 13, 2020

During quarantine, eating the same thing every day can get quite boring, so here are some alternatives snack ideas. Not only can eating potato chips and junk food every day get old, it is not too healthy...

Prices may see an increase in some restaurant menus.

Pandemic affects restaurant prices

Katelyn Pinkham, Writer September 12, 2020

Restaurant prices may see an immense increase as they reopen due to Covid-19. The cost of running a restaurant grows substantially as food rates skyrocket, and needed safety features are added. Covid-19...

Bread Making Becomes Popular During Stay-At-Home Order

Gabby Trapani, DJ Staff May 18, 2020

Staying at home for long periods of time during this quarantine can get boring and you may find yourself having nothing to do. One way people have found to keep themselves entertained is by baking, but...

Chef Ramsay has become a celebrity, with many people paying a lot of money to take a class.

Nothing to do? Try an online cooking class

During the quarantine, many people are running out of things to do. Here's an opportunity to learn how to cook something new.
Gabby Trapani, DJ Staff April 27, 2020
“I’m a big fan of cooking shows, so learning how to cook those things for free is really cool,” said Taylor Nupoff, a junior.
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