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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

Spike of flavor.	Prickly pears are apart of a plentiful species that have many spines and this specific variety of cactus has glochids. This photo shows a good example of how the prickly pear cactus has paddle like flesh instead of the typical cylindrical cactus.

Prickly subject

March 7, 2022

The prickly pear, also known as the pear cactus, is a family of flowering cacti that are native to the deserts of North America, particularly located in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico. The prickly pear...

Artistic expression.	 Francesca Douglas painting titled ‘Dance of the Betta’ is featured in last years Literary Magazine

Artist Francesca Douglas showcases her creativity

Cait Bunkers, guest writer March 7, 2022

Francesca Douglas is an up-and-coming artist who dabbles in multiple styles, expanding her creativity. “I have loved doing art since I was in elementary school, but it wasn’t until high school that...

Saturday school proves to be unfair

Saturday school proves to be unfair

Hudson Ellis, sports editor March 4, 2022

Saturday school, as it exists at Cactus Shadows High School, is a punishment for students who have more than ten tardies. For many reasons, this is a bad idea. While ten tardies at first seems like a...

This iconic poster features fictional character Rosie the Riveter. Rosie was meant to represent women joining the work force during World War 2. Since then, she has been a symbol for women’s independence.

Month of March dedicated to Women’s History

Judy Silva, food editor March 4, 2022

Women’s History Month is celebrated every March by Americans all around the country to honor the contributions made by women in history. “Women have been seen fighting for decades and having a month...

Preparation is Key.	Tawny Schnorr, a parent at the school, is preparing her meals for the upcoming week of working out and doing her college schoolwork. Schnorr adds mixtures of fruits, crackers, and a variety of vegetables to each of the meals. “It makes having meals throughout the day way easier when I am busy with work and my family,” said Schnorr.

Start off the week with a fresh premade meal

Katelyn Pinkham, style editor February 10, 2022

Meal prepping is a popular trend amongst foodies and gym nuts that consists of planning and preparing meals ahead of time, often by days or weeks. “Meal prepping makes it easy to stay on track with...

Senior Elizabeth Cox wears a long skirt paired with a patterned blazer as a throwback to the iconic Twee style.

2010s style ‘twee’ returns

Gianna Lazzaro, photo editor February 8, 2022

The official definition of the word Twee, according to the Oxford dictionary is: “excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental,” and that’s precisely what the style emphasizes on. Twee...

Valentines Day strikes back

Valentines Day strikes back

Claire Geare, editor-in-cheif February 8, 2022

Break out your cheap chocolates and hide the tags of your overpriced dress, because the day for romance is almost upon us. If you’re lucky, you might have a date lined up for this oh so exciting night....

PARTY ROCKERS AT THE WINTER FORMAL. Noah Herzog, a junior busts a move on the dancefloor held in the cafeteria.

Student Council holds first winter semi-formal in 12 years

Owen Taylor, sports editor February 7, 2022

The Winter Formal was put on by the Student Council on January 22. This was the first Winter Formal that has been out on in 12 years of the school’s history. Student Council was behind the planning...

Connor Paola, a senior, rides through a competition.

Biker with Cystic Fibrosis rides to sucess

Livia Lowe, science editor November 5, 2021

Connor Paola rides with the mountain bike team despite having a terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis. “It makes breathing harder, and makes you feel really weird because sometimes you can’t keep...

Zander Bezotte, senior and member of Drama Club, expresses fear as something scary happens behind the camera.


Judy Silva, Food Editor November 5, 2021

On a daily basis, everyone has to come to terms with their fears. “When I am scared, I feel a rush of adrenaline that washes over my whole body,” said Natalie O’Neal, a senior. Is fear psychological? People...

It’s time to pass the bond

Claire Geare, editor-in-chief November 5, 2021

On November 2, Cave Creek Unified School District held a special election to decide on whether to pass the first education bond in seven years. This bond is crucial to the funding of the schools in the...

The battle for the bond

The battle for the bond

Cait Bunkers, sports editor November 5, 2021
The district posted information on their website as to what the money from the proposed bond would be spent on. The list includes: “Purchase instructional technology and STEM learning materials, school safety and security upgrades, repair and renovate school buildings, furniture and equipment for collaborative, 21st Century learning spaces in schools/classrooms, school buses, update athletic facilities, and pay off energy contract debt.” A more detailed list is available at ccusd93.org.
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