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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School

The CS Press

Royal family tensions cause a shakeup of the Crown

Erika Potter, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

The 99 year old Duke of Edinburgh came home from the hospital in London mid March after a 28 day stay. He was admitted as a “precautionary measure” in February, a bit before a palace official...

Crisis hits the border

Peyton Marinelli, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Since October, thousands of immigrants have crossed the border from Mexico into the United States with the hope of immigration reform. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the number...

FPS develops critical thinking skills

Livia Lowe, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Future Problem Solvers (FPS) is a club that focuses on developing students’ critical thinking skills, problem solving and decision making through competitive and non- competitive conferences. “Students...

Students hang out outside and talk before class begins. Sweeps were recently reimplemented due to the large amount of stu- dents loitering after the final bell rings.

Sweeps return to get students to class

Julia Knies, Editor-in-Chief April 23, 2021

Due to a high amount of tardies, both reported and unreported, Administration decided to enact random “sweeps” at the end of passing periods. The tardy sweep is a stricter way of counting...

Aubrie Gilling, editor-in-chief of LitMag, photo copies a picture for the upcoming magazine. The magazine includes a variety of student stories, art pieces, poems, photos, and more, and will be available to purchase at the beginning of May.

LitMag shows off creativity

David Lane, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Literary Magazine members have been working on this year’s book during the pandemic. Despite far fewer submissions, the magazine will still be published with a variety of student stories, art...

Gun ownership increases 80%

Emma Weaver, Food Editor April 23, 2021

This past January, Americans bought over two million guns, an 80 percent spike from last year and the third- highest record of gun sales. “I know that there are probably several reasons why...

Trevor Orriss, a Cactus Shadows alum won a grammy for his work on an album.

Cactus Shadows Alum Wins Grammy

Jaden Lea, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Cactus Shadows alum Trevor Orriss, who graduated in 2005, won a Grammy in March for his work on the album “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?” by Fantastic Negrito. Orriss now lives in the Bay...

COVID-19 restrictions relaxed

COVID-19 restrictions relaxed

Michael Kaegi, News Editor April 20, 2021

As COVID-19 cases begin to decrease across the country, many states are lifting restrictions in an effort to return to normalcy, but health experts suggest it may be too soon.  Following the December...

How blue is Arizona?

How blue is Arizona?

Claire Geare, Opinion Editor January 15, 2021

Once a Republican stronghold, Arizona's unprecedented shift to blue in this year's tight election has left many Arizonans wondering: what changed? For the first time in twenty-four years, Arizona’s...

Dealing with the Flu During the Pandemic

Delaynee Smith, staff writer January 14, 2021

The common flu and cold both share symptoms that could easily be confused with COVID-19, making this year’s cold and flu season different from other years.  According to the Centers for Disease Control...

The Race for the Vaccine

Katelyn Pinkham, staff writer January 14, 2021

Countries all around the world are racing to get a safe and successful vaccine out for the public.  Production of the COVID-19 vaccine has been underway since the very beginning of the spread. Many...

Surprisingly high quality sound for the size of this speaker, the Apple Homepod is competition for the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home.

Apple launches new 3.3 inch smart speaker

Zach Valentine, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Apple just released a new smart speaker, to compete with Amazon and Google, called the Homepod mini and it primarily focuses on sound quality. Despite the size of the speaker only being 3.3 inches tall,...

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